Mets Fire Willie Randolph

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by Bears 88, Jun 17, 2008.

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    WWWWHHAAAAT!!!!!!! WWWHHHYYYYYYYYYY!:icon_cheesygrin:
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    Damn...I had McLaren in the Office pool.

    BTW, Bears need a link. Always put a link when you bring an article. And don't copy it, for God's sake :icon_rolleyes:
  4. Sportsguy

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    yea your right it was a matter of time. I thought he was going to get fired long before this. they brought him all the on the other sdeof the country to play a game in which they end up winning. then abiout an houre or so after the game tell him your fire. classy move by the Mets
  5. DawkinsINT

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    I also thought it was a strange way to be fired. Surprised it didn't happen sooner.
  6. smeags

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    why not do it saturday when the mets made the decision instead of dragging these guys out to california ?

    total joke of an organization from top to bottom.
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    Na Na Na Na.. Hey Hey Hey... Goodbyeee!
  8. smeags

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    omar needs to be next. he put this team together.
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    The timing was definitely whack. They get swept by the struggling Padres and he keeps his job, only to lose it after winning 3 of 4, including a win against the AL West-leading Angels. Go figure. I'm also surprised they kept the hitting coach. I thought they would clean house completely.

    You hate to see people lose their jobs, but I love to see the Mets falling apart.
  11. smeags

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  12. MediaGuy

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    What the heck! What an undignified, cowardly, classless, Mickey Mouse way of doing business. You should have fired him on May 26th, the day of the meeting of the minds. Fred, Jeff, Omar you have blood on your hands and it looks very ticky tacky, even embarrassing. Firing him on the west coast under the cloak of darkness, not having the balls to face the media for 14 hours. Shame on the 3 of you. Resembles a drunken Boob Irsay leaving Baltimore with the Colts in the Mayflower trucks in the cloak of darkness and snow. What, You didn't want to fire him on Fathers Day? Instead Willie flies 3000 miles to win a ballgame and gets the ax @ midnight. Twisting the knife while pulling it out of his butt puts blood on all your hands. Can't wait for Omar's presser @ 5:00 pm (est).
  13. Sportsguy

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    yea they fired him out on the west coast lol
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  15. WC Jerome

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    I think it's pretty cold-blooded how they did it, though. Why wait to go out to California and do it in the middle of the night?
  16. ball in the baskett

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    I just love seeing the mets fail.
  17. 86WARD

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    The Mets are goobered. I would expect nothing less from them.
  18. burnout2oo7

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    You can watch the live press conference with Minaya on right now. Should be very interesting stuff, worth cfreaking out.
  19. ball in the baskett

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    Im watching it on espn right now.
  20. MediaGuy

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    The Implosion of The Mets. Omar spewing diarrhea of the mouth and talking in circles. And Jerry Manuel joking with reporters, acting like he just hit the lottery. You would think that a Hollywood screen writer wrote this whole scenario. Shame.