Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles expects to start for a team next year

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    Michael Vick said Tuesday he expects to be starting at quarterback somewhere in the NFL next season but is willing to return to the Philadelphia Eagles to back up Nick Foles if "all else fails."

    Vick, who will turn 34 next June, opened this season as the Eagles' starter but injured his hamstring against the New York Giants on Oct. 6 and eventually lost the spot to Foles.

    Vick hasn't played a full season because of injuries since joining the Eagles in 2009, but he said he's not worried that will hurt his chances to find a starting job in 2014, saying he knows "at some point I'll be back out there."

    "I don't worry about it," Vick said, according to CSNPhilly.com. "My skill set is still there, my arm is still there, my legs are still there, I'm still a playmaker, that's evident. I think at some point I'll be playing somewhere."

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