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Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by Dougerrrr, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    Even with their tough loss this last week.....do the Falcons miss Michael Vick at all? I know he's still under contract with them.... so when he's released will he come back and will they take him and do they need him or want him?
  2. DawkinsINT

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    I would tend to believe that there are very few Falcons fans who would want him back.
  3. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    But will the organization want him back?
  4. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    I think they will try to trade him, have no luck, then release him. He's a PR nightmare.
  5. AtlantaBlazer

    AtlantaBlazer Knuckles The Echidna's Brother

    I'd like him back, but I'd like him to stay on the bench.

    It depends where you go, I know that when that whole thing happened, Atlanta went crazy. I don't want to make it a race thing, but Atlanta is pretty much one of the few areas who's metropolitan area included is mostly black. So when the charges were announced, most didn't figure it to be legit. Basically if he were to come back to Atlanta, the city wouldn't really care, I don't think he'll come back, and I don't think the organization will take him back. He'll land somewhere though.

    Overall, I'm sure people WANTED him back, but with Ryan playing the way he is, it's hard to believe anyone does still. I don't think anyone is going to forget what he did for this franchise, but I think the team we have now has more potential than ever. It seems the organization is finally making moves to put weapons around the QB.

    I'm also disturbed by the possibilities of a PR nightmare, I mean seriously, Jamal Lewis and Matt Jones have drug charges....no protest.
    Vasher has been charged for beating his wife once or twice....no protest
    Pacman Jones is a dumbbutt.....no protest.
    Yet this man is villified and looked at as the worst person ever. I don't condone what he did, but if you're going to tarnish one man's reputation, I think you need to look at some of these other guys as well.
  6. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    I have had no desire whatsoever to have him back. He already had issues at the QB position (amazing how these inadequate WRs have become adequate since he left, even w/Harrington last season) and the dog fighting issues weren't his only off field issues. I wish they would have released him before this point, but it's more about cap room.

    He's gone once he comes back. Like was stated earlier, they'll try to trade him, but i don't see it happening, so they'll go w/the outright release. Keeping him on the bench will only bring the Vick fans out of the woodwork saying he should be starting again. This team doesn't need that.
  7. AtlantaBlazer

    AtlantaBlazer Knuckles The Echidna's Brother

    Roddy showed flashes with Vick, but he was drop happy, even back to UAB, he was drop-happy. Jenkins is STILL shaky to me (I won't trust him until I see 1 good season out of him), and Finneran is FINALLY back (I missed that guy), other than that, the whole WR core from Vick's days are gone. I don't want the guy back, but I definitely know that whenever the offense came up short, it wasn't always his fault.
  8. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    I agree there, sure it wasn't all his fault. But he wasn't as good as everyone makes him out to be. A great athlete? Absolutely? A good QB? Not even close. He was adequate at best, and despite what everyone said, he was not getting better. Hell, I think his last year, he was regressing.
  9. AtlantaBlazer

    AtlantaBlazer Knuckles The Echidna's Brother

    I think 05 was his best year (whatever the year was that he threw the 22 TD passes) he showed that he wasn't going to be making the same dumb mistakes he always made.

    I think the hope for Mike was not so much to be a stellar passer, but to not totally screw up in the passing game like he was doing. If he could take care of the ball in the air and on the ground, there was no stopping us, and that showed when we had a controlled style of offense back in 04.

    We're definitely better off with Matt Ryan, and there was a time when I would never say that.
  10. happ

    happ PECAVI

    I think most Falcons fans would agree with me when I say FREAK MIKE VICK. I think we try to trade him, and hope Al Davis is as senile as we believe, then release him if there are no takers. Vick's done too much damage to Arthur Blank and the Falcons to ever seriously consider bringing him back. Glad we got Matt Ryan, so this discussion is pretty easy.
  11. lruddicks

    lruddicks kcs redneck

    if he comes back it will be as a back up somewhere.
  12. WarEagle

    WarEagle Team Veteran

    None of us want Vick back. What a travesty that would be!!
  13. bigsexyy81

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  14. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    I remember Michael Vick! Typical Falcons fans hating.
  15. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    You guys would be fools to let him back on the team.
  16. AtlantaBlazer

    AtlantaBlazer Knuckles The Echidna's Brother

    Now? Definitely, but last year, I think it showed how much he meant to the team. Without him being able to create plays for the offense, it was lackluster to say the least. I give props to our front office, they made the adjustments necessary to make a great team for the future. Matt Ryan + Roddy White will prove to be deadly for years to come.
  17. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Just be happy you don't have to go up against the Chiefs many more times in the next year or two.

    We are just about ready for a coach.
  18. AtlantaBlazer

    AtlantaBlazer Knuckles The Echidna's Brother

    It just seems like the Vick v. Schaub debates were so long ago.......sigh, I miss the good ol' days when we sucked.
  19. unstable

    unstable I need sex

    If he does come back, I think he should do nothing but return punts for us. Not saying I want him, but if it were to happen.