Midweek Updates From New Orleans Saints Training Camp

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    With their first preseason game on the horizon, the New Orleans Saints have been back at work on the training grounds at West Virginia’s Greenbrier Resort this week, as they look to round out their second full week of training camp practices on a high note. The Saints face off with the St. Louis Rams on Friday night, a game which will be broadcast on the NFL Network. Following a successful Black and Gold scrimmage over the weekend, the Saints have eased themselves back into action with an eye on an actual game setting in St. Louis and the chance to square off against another […]

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    my take on things. even though not much info is available, all these injuries are worrisome, most of the main cogs are hurting. both our guards and qb are hurt. Don't know if the backup qb's success is due mainly to good play or bad defense. Hard to tell with a team with good offenses and defenses. just have to see against another team. I really love Armstead. From what I have heard and going off last year he will be a stud barring injury. Dude had a bad half against Carolina and then held his own against the Eagles and Seahawks. And apparently he has picked up where he left off last season. The only thing that will derail Cooks for OROY will be Cooks. It is his for the taking. Can't see anyone else winning it. And it is not just me thinking it. I hope Coach will just dump the train wreck at the running back spot and let Robinson shine. Hicks will be an unstoppable force for any team and any double teaming will free up other to get to the qb. Junior on one side and Jordan on the other. Who do you single up? One had 12.5 sacks and the other 12. we will have to cut a damn good safety or two. no two ways about that. either that or keep them all and go with less linebackers and run a big nickle or dime a lot. we have the safeties to pull it off. from what I hear Bush and Vacarro is tearing it up back there. very physical. love that stuff. I know our linebackers are improving but that is our weakness I feel. Finally a defense that will be feared for either making a play on the ball or making you pay for completing a pass.
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    watch the safety battle, if they choose to keep just 5, the fight for that 5th spot will be fun to watch. hearing great things about white, armstead, hicks and galette. toon still doing well in practice, lets see it on the field now.
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