Mike Shanahan Believes AWOL Redskins RB James Davis Has Retired

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  1. Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said he doesn’t expect missing running back James Davis to return to the team. “I think he’s retired from football. That’s my guess,†Shanahan said following Tuesday’s practice, the second straight day Davis was absent from Redskins Park. Shanahan said he believed Davis was in Atlanta and was prepared to walk away from football. He said the team has not released the third-year back. “Has anybody seen him? I haven’t seen him yet,†Shanahan. The team has the authority to fine a player $20,000 for skipping a day of practice, but Shanahan seemed to imply that the Redskins would not pursue the money. “I think maybe he’s made $1,500,†Shanahan said. “Add that up, that’s not good.†Davis abruptly left a meeting Sunday night at Redskins Park, according to a report by ESPN 980, because he was unhappy with his playing time. Davis took to Twitter on Tuesday morning and said, “Please do not believe everything you here (sic) people. The story will be released soon. The real truth of the story.â€

    Source: Washington Post
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  2. cKlass

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    First Albert not James, what's the common denominator? I've always hated the Broncos but respected Shannahan. Can't say that I still do.
  3. Starkiller501

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    Why would anyone else respect him? His team obviously don't
  4. Shanahan has lost it.

    Davis isn't retiring you dumbbutt. He is pissed b.c. you're giving losers like Ryan Torain alot of looks and giving Davis none.
  5. HailttRedskins

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    LOL, losers? Davis needs to PROVE something, walking away from the team because he didn't get playing time isn't Shanahan's fault, you are the #5 RB on the team, you wait your turn, if anything Davis is being a snitch.

    You honestly think Shanahan is being serious when saying that? Obviously he's playing games with him, hence he put him on the reserve/left squad list so he can't go anywhere.

    The only lock on the team is Hightower at #1, the other spots are open, if he wants to run away that's his problem.
  6. yeah losers. In short what I'm saying is your team sucks. You guys have the worst collection of RB's in the league.

    What I'm saying is Davis isn't getting a fair shake. If heckin Ryan Torain is getting reps they need to be letting Davis get some reps or release him.

    The only reason Shanny put him on the reserve list is so he can screw him over.
  7. 86WARD

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    Let's be honest here...it's freaking James Davis. What's he have? 10 career carries? Davis should just STFU, sit down and play when one of the Shanahan's says he should play. Prove your crap when your opportunity arises. He's got no weight...Shanahan may be crazy, but Davis is a freaking rah-tard.
  8. HailttRedskins

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    My team sucks? You do realize you follow the Tennessee Titans right? I mean, they know how to run an NFL team and all :icon_rolleyes:.

    The worst collection of RB's in the league? That's a joke right? Hightower is a beast, might have some fumble problems, but that can be corrected. Remember Tiki Barber? I mean Hightower averages 5.0 ypc.

    Now if we are comparing our RB's to Chris Johnson, then yeah, they aren't as good, but they aren't the worst in the league nor close to the worst.

    Davis played for us last year genius....he would have gotten his shot in preseason. Just because he didn't play in one, didn't mean he wasn't going to play in the other three games. However, acting like a childish LOSER finished that for him.

    Don't know what your man crush is with him, but blaming Shanahan for him being a little snitch is entirely wrong and stupid. Davis hasn't shown a thing in the NFL, Torain has.
  9. actually yeah the Titans are a way better franchise than the heckin Redskins. The fact you're even debating this is embarrassing on your part.

    :icon_eek::jawdropper: Hightower is a beast? WTF are you smoking? You truly are a delusional homer. He is mediocre as hell. Not to mention his ypc is bloated by few carries but a long run in those small number of carries.

    Name one team with a worse RB collection.

    yeah I know genius but apparently they aren't giving him a shot this year since you guys have added more mediocre RB's this year. (Hightower, Helu, Royster, Draughn)

    I just think it's ridiculous to keep a guy on the team if you won't give him a shot. Especially when he is arguably more talented than Helu/ Royster/ and Draughn.
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  10. Starkiller501

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    Draughn, Hightower, and Torain are pretty decent. Maybe not starter material, but decent.
  11. phiglesphan

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    It shows a continued pattern of gross player mismanagement and malcontent from the Shanahan clan.
  12. Draughn is nothing but a 3rd RB/ Practice squad guy.

    Torain is a 2nd part of a rotation as is Hightower.

    None should be starting.
  13. Starkiller501

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    No one on the Redskins should be starting, except for Chris Cooley
  14. haha on the offense perhaps not except S. Moss.
  15. 86WARD

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    Again...James Davis...lol.
  16. DontKnowMe

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    Who's James Davis?
  17. HailttRedskins

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    I stopped here, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'll let you have your moment.
  18. TheSnowman

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    You might as well, because the Skins are never going to have theirs with the clusterheck management going on there.
  19. Roy31

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    The sick tandem of James Davis and CJ Spiller. That would be funny if Buffalo picked him up.

    Cris Cooley is nearing the end, and if were talking Skins Running Backs. Helu is the only one to be afraid of, but I haven't read any reports on how he's looked in TC and preseason so far.
  20. when was the last time your team was in the playoffs? You're franchise is right down there with the Raiders. You guys are a joke.