Mills Fleet Farm to distribute 70,000 hand warmers to fans at Sunday's playoff game

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    Maybe be historically cold.

    from bleacher report
    Because cold doesn't do it justice.

    The Weather Channel uses their dark website magic to look into the future, foretelling a high of zero degrees and a low of 18 below—as of this writing.

    There is only a 20 percent chance of snow, so the optimists in the crowd can stick that one in your hat for good luck.

    Now, if you were wondering, this means the game could match historic lows. An report posted in 2011 lists the 10 coldest games in league history.

    Lambeau pops its head out four times in that power ranking, taking the No. 10 spot with a Dec. 1990 game that reached two degrees.

    The iconic stadium bookends things rather nicely by also taking the No. 1 spot for hosting "The Ice Bowl" in 1967—a game that saw its temperature drop to 13 below (minus 48 with wind chill).

    All of this is to say we might be looking at history on Sunday, which is great news for all you Packers fans who decided long ago to watch the playoff game from under your team-themed Snuggie and the comfort of your couch.
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    It's funny that the "Frozen Tundra" of Lambeau is far from the Frozen's actually one of the warmer fields in the
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