Minnesota Vikings Facing Learning Curve With New Coaching Staff

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by aschmidt, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Anytime a team gets a new coach, there is going to be a learning curve. That is presently happening with the Minnesota Vikings and new coach Mike Zimmer. There are simply not enough hours in the day for coaches and players to get together to learn the new system with the NFL’s new rules in the offseason. The question that should be asked before too long is whether or not the Vikings will be ready to go at a high level when the 2014 season gets underway. Zimmer is known as a defensive coach and the team did select two talented defensive players early in […]

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    Im going to say no. With a new staff, a rookie QB and no defense; its going to be a tough hill to climb for them when you consider that Green Bay and Chicago are going to be excellent teams and Detroit should be pretty decent too.
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    Well you would say no being a Packers fan!!
    How can you say they have no defense? The season hasn't started and there are lots of new faces.
    Chicago should be excellent?With what? An enigmatic Jay Cutler and a defense that was just as bad as the Vikings.
    Detroit?Maybe,if Stafford can be more consistent and they can find a defensive secondary
    Green Bay? I have the utmost respect for Rodgers but that defense is still suspect
    Vikings have as good a chance as anybody in our division.
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