Mistakes to avoid when betting on the NFL This Seasons

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  1. While the NFL is the most popular most popular sport to bet on in America, it's really one of the most difficult to make money on.

    So why do people still continue to wager on Sunday's from August to January? Simple. They love their football.

    Now we don't want to say that football lovers can't turn their passion into to profits, but if they want to turn in winning wagers week after week, then they have to be very sure to avoid every possible mistake they can.
    With that, here are a few common mistakes that NFL bettors make that usually result in big losses.

    First of all, handicappers need to keep in mind that the quality and availability of stats and information available on the NFL gives oddsmakers a lot of information for setting their lines. And because of this, they have become very good, making value very hard to find.

    The general betting public also has access to this stream of endless information, including every form of media, from television and radio, to social media and national sports information web sites. However, with all of this exposure comes a lot of hype and a slew of misinformation as well.