MLB's new playoff format

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by SportsChump, Oct 12, 2022.

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    I like this format better than the one-and-done wild card game. Baseball is so chaotic that one game might not be enough to decide who the best team is. Two out of three is not ideal, I'd rather have it 3 of 5, but still a little better. Only one wild card series had a game 3 in this first year.

    I agree, though, as a fan of a visiting team in the wild card round, that having all 3 games of the wild card series in just one park is BS. At least the Mariners advanced and get to host game 3 of the ALDS which will make it the first postseason game in Seattle since I was in college.

    Unless all teams build domes or retractable roof stadiums, having the World Series in november is impossible. Ditto for starting early, in late March. I'm all for shortening the regular season and having a 5 game series in the Wild Card round. Baseball makes like half its income in october, anyway, so shorten those regular season games nobody watches and go crazy in the postseason.

    Good article, Chump.
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    Thanks, Teej.

    Not sure any of this makes any sense.

    For example, had the Rays stolen a game in that series, Cleveland would have had THREE home games in that series to the Rays none.

    In their next round against the Yankees, they'll get a max TWO games at home to the Yanks three.

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
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    Yeah, and if the M's end up getting swept they'll have played one home and 4 on the road...5 if the epic comeback doesn't happen. Not balanced at all but it is what it is. Want to play at home? Win your division (or the 1st wild card).
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    Down 3-2 in the 7th, Julio just struck out...current mood:
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    Crap, how do I delete a post? It was for the other one XD