Mom: McFadden to enter '08 draft

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by TDJets72027, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. TDJets72027

    TDJets72027 Rex Ryan baby
  2. mightymalachi

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    Did you see the article in the latest ESPN the magazine about the Hogs fans? No wonder he wants out of town.
  3. Omen

    Omen Speeling Be Champions Staff Member

    thanks you browns
  4. ragman

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    While I would love for McFadden to go to the Cowboys, I don't think they'll get him. I think he'll go #1 to either the Raiders or even the Falcons.
  5. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    That would require the raiders to have the first pick again and that won't happen because the browns will suck alot worse then the raiders this year
  6. Omen

    Omen Speeling Be Champions Staff Member

    yes i hope you sir are correct
  7. Dam8610

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    McFadden would be stupid to not declare this year. This RB class is practically devoid of talent amongst the seniors.
  8. I bleed Sooner red

    I bleed Sooner red Fans refugee

    No surprise...although his mom doesn't need to be announcing it for us, but we all knew.
  9. bossplaya000

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    Crap.. If the Vikings blow butt this year, I don't give a heck, DeSean Jackson and Mario Cunningham? You kiddin' me??

    Now if only Childress believed in picking WR's in the first round.... :\
  10. I bleed Sooner red

    I bleed Sooner red Fans refugee

    Mario Manningham you mean?

    I don't think Manningham will be entering the draft..if he does I don't think he will be a first round pick