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    What does that even have to do with the conversation at hand? Cause if u wanna take it there, I see that the Saints still don't get any respect even though we was within one team of "sniffin" and inhalin' that crap, but maybe you'll respect the Saints of the present day when the 49ers catch another butt whuppin next season to match last year's.
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    hahahahahahahhaahahhaha woooooohooooooo Baller, gots some ballies....hey dude, I was just messing with you since I never's all good

    But respect the Saints, nah, I did that back in the back when your defense was da bomb!!! You don't get respect for not getting to the big the Saints need to win regularly for respect...
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    I think that it is written in the NFL by-laws that the Saints have a winning season every five years or so to keep the fans interested.

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    Vick no doubt, great athletic ability, no QB skill whatsoever,
    Eli Manning