My newest bestie: A follow-up to Because Hockey

Discussion in 'Hockey Talk' started by SportsChump, Jun 19, 2015.

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    There’s a scene in “The Cable Guy” where the needy, clingy and downright frightening Jim Carrey tries to secure his fledgling friendship with the far more subdued Matthew Broderick. It is at that moment that Broderick tells Carrey he “just doesn’t have room for any more friends.” That was pretty much the way I felt about hockey.

  2. Buck Fenson

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    I didn't grow up with Hockey. Being down here in the South, Hockey wasn't that popular back then like now. Or at least the network ddn't show it. Unfortantly I have to understand the play to enjoy the game and Hockey is hard to understand. At least on tv. Offsides, icing, what constitutes a foul and what don't. I like watching the highlights because it is exciting. Sometimes they hit harder than a lot of football players it seems.
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    I love playoff hockey. The intensity is off the charts. As far as regular season goes, I can't get into it that much. Especially since nearly every team makes the playoffs. To me, the sport doesn't begin until about when summer starts which is strange because it's played on ice.
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    That's been the biggest problem for me, Buck. I never played it. But damn if it ain't fun to watch live.

    The playoff race had a little bit of intrigue, Dawk, but the Lightning were always in it. It came more down to seeding. Then once the post-season started, it was pretty damn intense.

    This was the first time ever I've watched more post-season hockey than basketball.
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    Same sentiments as everyone here. Born and raised in KC then off to Phoenix. Hockey and soccer were two sports I didn't understand and really didn't care to. Then the Coyotes move here from Winnepeg (the Jets) and it was nothing more than a novelty. Ice Hockey when it's 110 degrees outside? Then I went to a game. In person it was as good as any NFL game I'd been to and boy could those f--kers skate. I get back home and could n't give two shirts about again. And it's been that way for the last 15 years. As long as I go to a game or watch playoff hockey, then I'm all in. Otherwise, watching regular season hockey is about as interesting as watching a crickett match. I guess I better get to a few games next year (assuming there's a next year) because no matter how bad the NHL wants a franchise to be successful in this town, I just see them failing here and going somewhere where they can truly be appreciated.
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    Listen, it helped that the Lightning had an awesome damn team and did everything the right way. From founder to owner to GM to coach to roster to the stadium, the entire experience was top notch all season long. It's no wonder we were top five in attendance.