My TOP FIVE Camp Questions for the Broncos

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by denverobsession, Jul 24, 2007.

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    Everyone has their list of top Training Camp questions. The Denver Post, ESPN, FOX Sports even this complete dolt over at Yahoo! Sports. Jason Cole actually thinks our biggest training camp issue is that we will be abandoning our traditional Zone Blocking Scheme:

    For the first time in more than a decade, the Broncos are getting away from their traditional cut-blocking scheme in favor of a more traditional style featuring heavier linemen. The timing is unfortunate, as new RB Travis Henry would have been perfect in the old scheme. But because second-year QB Jay Cutler isnt suited for the movement of the old system, change was essential. It will be interesting to see how it works out.

    Jason Cole on Yahoo! Sports​

    Of course this is complete absurdity and Cole should be fired for writing such unresearched garbage I would surely get sacked if I did my job this piss poorly.

    Coles idiotic ramblings aside, most of the Training Camp questions poised on these lists are valid areas of concern. And narrowing it down to a set number (like a top five) is fairly difficult. And prioritizing that list is even more complicated. However, I have undertaken this daring feat and am reasonably certain that I havent embarrassed myself too badly well, at least not as badly as Jason Cole did. :icon_cheesygrin:


    Do you agree? Disagree? Think I have completely forgotten something?

    Let me know.
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    Couldn't agree more, except, I think the LB mayhem may be slightly more of a question than the D-line. I'm not sure if Al's absence can be filled that easily, not even by DJ...

    And there's also the TE question. TE's seem to be more and more of a factor nowadays, and I see a great future for Tony Scheffler.... if he can get into the field.
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    Yeah, I have both the LB and TE situations (as well as the coming fight at FB), listed as things to watch (even if they didn't make my top five questions). But I'd say you hit the big two not on my list.

    With DJ, I'd say his play will be great this year, but the Defensive leadership will need to come from players like Lynch as our new MLB doesn't seem to be very vocal... more of a performance based leader.

    We'll see -- I'm excited to see how DJ does this year.
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    SO very true. Al was a massive vocal influence. He was, actually, the one who put DJ in his place when he screwed up, as well as anybody else in the D (I recall seeing him yell at Foxworth more than twice). Good thing we have Lynch at S, and Champ leading by example.

    Just don't think I doubt DJ's ability, he is an awesome LB... it's just that Al's void is a big one... stupid salary cap :(
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    I think DJ will be a good ILB. He has the speed could make some pretty big plays from that spot. Broncos have a solid core just need production from there DTS and have a good consistent pass rush.
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    Brandon Marshall is sort of Denver's version of the Vikes Williamson. That player who had so much potential, but will he ever play up to it? I have a hunch that he won't this year.

    Culter, OTOH, I think is going to really show improvement this year. I think he was the best QB in the draft last year and should show it this year.