NCAA Restores Joe Paterno's Vacated Wins in Lawsuit Settlement

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    As part of a settlement between the NCAA and Penn State University, late head coach Joe Paterno will have his victories from 1998 through 2011 restored after they were vacated due to the Jerry Sandusky child s*x scandal.

    According to, Penn State will commit $60 million to programs designed to prevent sexual abuse against children and treat victims. It will also enter into a new Athletics Integrity Agreement, among other things.

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    I heard someone yesterday say that if there was video of Sandusky raping all those boys like we have video of ray rice, not only would the wins not be restored, but the Penn state program probably would have gotten the death penalty. I thought it was a fair point.
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    When Paterno died, he was disgraced. He paid for his lack of doing more in the case. I'm glad the wins are restored for the innocent players who were robbed.
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