New Claim Of Taping Emerges Against Patriots

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by 86WARD, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I really hate to quote PFT... but... this ain't really "new," bud.

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    All we can do is just call em like we see em...

    I don't know that former players have come out before the combine have they?
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    WOW - the Packers caught them too - but never reported it, because they didn't think anything of it... this is getting OLD!
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    I agree...what more is Goodell going to do that he hasn't done already. It's obvious that Belichick cheated in a lot of games. He's been fined and had the draft pick taken away. Will Goodell hand out more punishment as more tapes or eyewitnesses emerge?
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    I love this!!!!!!!

    THE WHOLE FREAKING LEAGUE IS STAYING MUM ON IT, wonder what that means????.....

    Is it because everyone loves belichick????....

    People like you, the conspiracy theorist would prolly buy that...

    My guess is this videotaping goes WAY beyond the Patriots and with Mangina running his c**k suck, now the WHOLE LEAGUE has to worry because.....


    THEY ALL FREAKING DO IT!!!!! :icon_cheesygrin: :icon_cheesygrin: :icon_cheesygrin:

    I can't WAIT for the whole thing to explode and coaches like Cowher, Holmgren, Edwards, Gruden, et; al get EXPOSED!!!!!!

    This is going to be fun watching you hecks squirm as this thing blows the heck up....
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    I say we just blow up the whole Pats organization and make them start over and anyone who has played and or coached for the Pats in the last 7 years is banned from football for life and must pay 1 million dollars apiece that goes into a class action lawsuit so any fan of the nfl can get a penny each to help with pain and suffering caused by this totally unimaginable offense which has tarnished the entire world forever and ever....did I cover everything....or do we need to actually cut off the limbs of the Patriot players children and posibly neuter their pets without anesthesia?
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    actually, everyone steals signals, they just don't use video equipment the way belichick does...and does illegally. they do it the old fashioned way...with their eyes...which is legal.

    Would you cut off the limbs of Brady's kid? I don't think that would be fair to the child. Brady doesn't recognize him as his, technically he is Brady's kid, but there's no acknowledgement from the father...
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    Perhaps it means that they want to protect their extremely lucrative entertainment business from scrutiny and possible loss of fanbase as a result of finding out that some seasons' results were altered as a result of cheating?

    Do you really think the 1919 Black Sox scandal would've ever made it to the media had it been up to MLB?
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    where did you read that Brady doesn't acknowledge his own child?
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    and you know this how?????

    That's what I thought...

    You are being totally naive if you think no one else does it dude. It's like smoking dope in high school, once someone introduces it, they all follow along....

    Look at it for what it is right now:

    Pats: Caught

    League: Investigates and destroys evidence.

    Senator: Sticks nose into this opening things for review at the government level (when they should be worriying about jobs, price of fuel, agriculture, etc.. etc..)

    Walsh: Claims to have evidence but won't talk.

    Former Patriot players: Won't talk

    Former Patriot Coaches: Won't talk

    Other Players and Coaches: Won't talk

    League: Wants to talk to Walsh, he won't talk without full immunity although he does NOT have confidentiality clause in former contract with Patriots; still won't talk.

    Goodell: won't talk too much, wants to talk to Walsh to see what he's got but the guy won't do it.

    Senator: Now wants to be in on the discussion (needs life) to help Walsh feel protected and to ensure NFL lawyers don't twist words or lead him (bullcrap, he's just nosey

    Competition Committee (and this is what breaks it for me knowing who is on it): Lauds Commish for how he has handled the investigation, says he has acted appropriately but will not discuss the issue further.

    If you can't read between the lines then maybe this will help. It's all over the place, on almost every sideline and for a fan, who is NO WHERE near the sidelines, coaches, etc.. to make a statement like "Belichick is the only one who uses cameras illegally" is a freaking shame. This is telling me you can't get your head pulled out of your butt long enough to see the truth, or like a beat down hooker; don't want to see the truth.

    OK, so you are "legally" able to tape from each endzone in a game. Do you not think there isn't a little bit of tomfoolery happening with the camera?? Can you GUARANTEE me that all of the team cameras used in 16 games a week; not one of them is trained on the opponent's sideline? I'm afraid you will find that to be untrue.

    Couple with labor trouble, the end of the good road for the NFL is coming soon... Unfortunately..:icon_cry:

    Right Dam, and also perhaps there is something deeper that just one organization.

    Think about this: Congress is involved, league has Anti-Trust exemption, league has fraud issue that more than likely spills over across the board.

    The possibility of all games played during the Tagliabue era all rigged based on teams utilizing video, or other means of capturing verbage and signals???

    This is the grounds for a huge law suit Dam; which would explain why everyone is staying so tight lipped about it.

    Folks keep pointing to "it's just a league issue", au contraire monfraire; if this blows up like I think it can, then this could mean a HUGE reorganization in the league if not a potential for it's dissolution... A little extreme however entirely possible depending on how big it gets.
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    Have you even considered the possibility that the Patriots are the only team that have done this? I can't say I know for sure that my team hasn't done it, but there's strong suggestive evidence, such as Polian banning all cameras from the sidelines of the 2006 AFC Championship Game (which, had you heard at the time, you'd've probably said he was just being a rod, since I know how 99.9% of Patriots fans feel about Polian), and Peyton Manning talking about how the Patriots use video to obtain the Colts' signals in an interview the 2007 NFL Preview edition of SI, which came out about a week or so prior to the Pats getting caught. His exact quote was (from the article), "I constantly think about teams stealing our signals. I know New England does when we're up there. I know Mike Shanahan has tried." Now why would Peyton make the distinction that New England does, and Mike Shanahan has tried? For that matter, if the Colts did it, why would Peyton bring it up, and why would Bill Polian ban cameras from the sidelines for the 2006 AFC Championship Game? Also, if you think the Patriots aren't the only team that has done this, I'd like you to explain Ernie Allen to me. I only know the following about him, based on what I've read on him:

    Ernie Allen is an employee of the New England Patriots, but no one really knows what his job entirely entails. No other franchise in the NFL has a person in a position like Ernie Allen's on their payroll. Allen also worked with Belichick in Cleveland, where Art Modell offered $100,000 to anyone who could tell him what Ernie Allen's job was, money that he never gave away. Here is what's known of Ernie Allen's job: He is involved in all football filming projects that the Patriots do, and he has a direct line to Belichick on gameday, every gameday. Allen is also an afficionado of military strategy.

    He seems a very suspicious character to me. What do you think?
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    I didn't read it. I watched it on TV during the Super Bowl Pregame. In an interview with Terry Bradshaw, Bradshaw asked Brady what's important to him and Brady replied: "Friends and Family."

    Bradshaw, with an embarassed look, said, "Well you just had a baby boy." Brady's response? On National TV: "Oh, yeah, that's an area where I need some growth- I'm not too good at that!"

    I would think if I had a baby boy...that might come up first...

    Maybe just a small oversight?

    It's done ever week...just not with video equipment on the sidelines. It's done how it has always been done.

    How do i know? Has any other team been penalized in the past 8 years for it? Has anyone else (staff or players) come out and said so and so team uses video cameras to steal signals too?

    How do you know that other teams cheat illegaly like the Patriots?

    That's what I thought. Until another team is caught with video equipment, there is only one "*" in this league. :icon_lol:




    The evidence is piling. Give it time...




    Kind of like Clarence Beeks? (Trading Places?)
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    Well Brady did say Friends and Family and clearly his son is family, I think people read too much into his statement about him not being too good at it esp. when the mother of the child and Brady live on opposite coasts. I'm also sure that he is taking care of him financially if not physically.

    Trading Places, omg that my fav. movie of all time...
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    What an interesting thread. The possible end of the NFL, child neglect, and Trading Places. Fun read.
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    Yes, I'll give you that the Pats are the only team caught; I think that's been pretty well beaten to death. However to naively say "No one else does it" is bullcrap. You want to make an example of NE, fine; like I have said before, I don't condone cheating and I feel that if the Patriots used "illegal" opportunities to do this then they need to pay the piper.

    However, the investigation does not start and end in new england, which is the point I'm making. It needs to go league wide if the agenda gets pushed and you will see that they aren't the only ones.


    really..... :icon_confused:

    All he has said is he ALLEGEDLY has information but won't come out with it. He DOES NOT have anything to worry about; he did NOT have a confidentiality clause with New England.

    explain to me why he still isn't talking? If he's right and he has nothing to worry about, he can be sued but will come out of it if he does in fact have something there....

    Your right, it is. But it's not in the way you're trying to lead people to believe. It's piling AGAINST THE ENTIRE LEAGUE and people are getting nervous. The reason everything is staying so under wraps is there's a hell of a lot more out there than just Belichick and his cameraman. The league has a lot to lose if it proven they knew about this stuff and let it go; it's as bad as point shaving. With the Anti Trust exemption on the line there needs to be some burying right now. We may never know to what extent this goes to league wide but if the Feds keep pushing the issue the league is screwed...

    Are you advocating that ALTHOUGH it is "legal" for a team to tape the game from the endzones that all 31 other teams are utilizing that privledge as spelled out in the rule book? If you do then again your head's in the sand. Shanahan tried to steal signals according to Dam's post and I'm sorry but he is not the only other one.

    And Dawk, the "End of the league" scenario is prolly a stretch, the point was with is and the impending labor dispute, the league is in trouble and worst case, it could go there....
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    Will the next Patriots Super Bowl be nicknamed Armageddon?
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    boy did Spanky get defensive at first he was like "if this came to be true I would be sad" or something along those lines now hes defending it and saying everyone else does it. make up your mind are you a real Patriots fan or another snitchass fan? blame other when you get caught please.
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    Who knows??....

    I have to think that if this thing breaks wide open NE will be made an example of and may not be able to contend... I would expect the league to be that hars and take away NE's privledge to play for a title...

    With the Anti Trust exemption at stake could you imagine every someone with money in their pocket being able to field a team???

    I don't know how I feel about the Manitoba Donut Holers potentially playing for a championship.......

    Dude, I meant what I said, the point is if you think this is isolated then your a freaking idiot.

    See Anti Trust exemption...

    Not trying to deflect; making a point.

    However trying to get through to a pile of idiots is near impossible (see yourself).

    Babyass fan.. LMMFAO; nice...

    Typical "I ain't got nothin' to say but I feel a need to be a part of the social circle so I'll stuff 5 lbs of crap in my mouth"...

    If you got game bring your crap. If you know what your talking about then say something that doesn't say "I'm a hecktard" in Neon Lights...

    Otherwise shut your freaking mouth.
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    I wouldn't say the Pats are the only ones to have ever stolen signals, but to condemn every other team without proof is wrong, too. You can't play the "innocent until proven guilty" card with New England and then say you know every other team in the league cheats because there are cameras in the endzone.

    As for the end of the league? The worst I see happening from the labor disputes is missing one season, like the nhl did recently. Not that that isn't horrible, but don't go insane and think the league is dying.