New Claim Of Taping Emerges Against Patriots

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by 86WARD, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Crowned

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    You don't even know where you stand you've changed it so many times , I wasn't taking a shot at you, but taking a shot at your actions and if you think I'm an idiot then you're mistaken.
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    So...about Ernie Allen...
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    And where has one been placed anywhere other than by heads-buried-in-the-sand (or up their own asses) fans?

    Spanky, bro... it was Ted Johnson that came on ESPN yesterday and re-hashed a USA Today interview from 2005.

    As for the whole Brady thing- it's hard to be a "good father" when a) you're on the opposite side of the country as per your job (as Sweets said), and b) the mother of your child flat out refuses to let you see him.

    Hey Dam, is it Ernie Allen or Ernie Adams? I remember reading about Ernie ADAMS in David Halberstam's book about Belichick... but you could be right in who you're talking about.
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    I apologize, I had the wrong last name, but the rest is all information that has been gathered about him from various online sources. So Ernie ADAMS is the shady character I'll refer to from this point forward, thanks for the correction.

    I still think it's odd, though, that Ernie Adams is involved in every aspect of Patriots' football filming, and has a direct line to Belichick on every gameday, especially since no other team has an employee like that.
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    So MANY times.....


    You are an idiot; or just maybe "misunderstood" or illiterate. I don't know nor do I care.

    I haven't changed my stand, I am still saddened that MY TEAM relegated to the lowest of lows in sport. If you think this is some ploy or an about face, not even close. if you weren't an idiot then you would see exactly the point I'm making. What saddens me MORE is people like you that can't see it isn't just one team.

    Have your way with the Pats, they got caught but I'm telling you there is more than just this out there.

    All I'm saying is that there is more than what everyone wants to admit or see at this point being focused on the Patriots. and if it comes down, the league is screwed.
  6. Crowned

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    Yea we're stating it because the Patriots were caught and its proof, You're just speculating on all other 31 teams without proof, they may not hare went as low as recording, but of course they steal signs thats the way its always been but they didn't go so low to record and if they did it hasn't came out yet so stop saying the other teams did until it comes out.
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    that explains a lot; I haven't watched ESPN lately......

    My apologies 86; I didn't know Johnson said something...
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    Its cool though I can understand your ground as a fan of the accused team, I'm not trying to argue or personally attack you, you're one of the cooler people on the site so I'll drop it.
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    You're right; it is all speculation at this point on my behalf; I will give you that.

    But the other "evidence" (people not talking) is proving that there is more than just one team doing this.

    I'm not behind the walls of the NFL office in New York so I don't know anything. just one person's observation of a string of events that has taken place.

    I truly hope I am wrong, but something tells me we are in for quite a show in the coming months....
  10. 86WARD

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    The * is figurtive...not literal.

    See: Barry Bonds.

    To summarize.

    Tom Brady does NOT think of his son first. It was clear in the interview that friends and family, unfortuantely, did not include the son on first thought...not that he doesn't care for the son, but it wasn't first to pop into his head. His reaction in the interview was such that he forgot...

    We all know the Patriots cheated. No matter how much more evidence does or does not come out, the Patriots got caught taping signals. As far as we know, no other team has been caught doing this. Not saying that they haven't used cameras, but as far as we know to this point, no other team has.

    The Patriots since 2000 are now stuck in a category of question...everytime some one mentions 18-1 or the three Super Bowls or Bill Belichick, there will be two people to mention the cheating. The legacy is tarnished...
  11. Cletusaurus

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    There ya go.

    And Dam, I'll make it a point to re-read Halberstam's book so I can at least find some of the backstory between Ernie Adams and Belichick. They went to college together and were on the Giants' staff many years ago under Parcells if I can remember right.
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    They went to the same prep/high school together and Adams approached Belichick after reading his father's book if I remember what I read right. I just find it odd that they'd have a person on their payroll that makes the pieces fit together so nicely, a position that no other team has, and very few media outlets have even brough up his name.
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    so it's ok now because others do it ? :icon_rolleyes: