NFC East Leading Washington Redskins Head Into Bye Week After A Big Win

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    It wasn't pretty, but the Washington Redskins victory 17-10 over the Saint Louis Rams propelled them atop of their division with a 3-1 record heading into their bye week. Though there is no time to celebrate, there has to be some pride of the work this team has put in so far.

    Expecting to rebuild, general manager Bruce Allen wheeled and dealed during the 2011 draft. Nine of Allen's 12 picks have made the team, and the remaining three are on the practice squad.

    With their two division rivals losing this week, the Redskins gained percentage points on the 1-3 Philadelphia Eagles, 2-2 Dallas Cowboys and the 3-1 New York Giants. Washington defeated New York already in the first week of the season..

    The Redskins will prepare for the Eagles in a game two weeks from now, but they also need to use this time to work out some kinks. Critics will point to a soft schedule filled with injured opponents, but any victory attained in the NFL is truly earned.

    The running game was clicking versus the Rams, something it has done several times since preseason. This time saw Redskins 2010 rushing leader, Ryan Torain, get his first action of the year and rush for 135 yards on just 19 attempts.

    The passing game is still a work in progress. Quarterback Rex Grossman continues to turn the ball over, something that has been Washington's problem 18 straight games, and he had a series in the third quarter of the Rams game that was frustrating.

    After Torain carried the Redskins about 40 yards, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan reverted to his bad habit of eschewing the run game in favor of the pbutt. He first had Grossman, not known for nimble feet, roll out to his left, where the quarterback quickly stumbled and began to fall to the ground untouched or without defensive pressure.

    Grossman tried to thrown across the middle of the field, but a Rams defender dropped a sure interception. Grossman looked a bit lost after that play, causing the Redskins to take a delay of game penalty. Finally getting his team ready, he signaled center Will Montgomery to snap the ball but looked over to a receiver as the ball was hiked.

    Though no turnovers game on that series, this series of plays killed the drive and forced Washington to punt. These types of moments must be ironed out during the bye week, because the Redskins might not survive such events in another contest.

    The defense has carried this team, a sight Redskins fans have grown accustomed to over the past many years. The 21 points they allowed in a victory over the Arizona Cardinals in the second week is still the most they have allowed in a contest yet.

    Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo are a pair of first round draft that have made seamless transitions from defensive end to outside linebacker. While neither are as good in pass defense as they will be in time, the youngsters are creating havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

    Middle linebacker London Fletcher is the leader of the defense, and Rocky McIntosh was a terror versus the Rams most of the contest. Washington's linebackers have benefited from stout play by the defensive line, as the front seven is the prime reason for their record.

    The amazing part of Washington's defensive excellence is that they have done much of it without star strong safety LaRon Landry. Landry was easily the best safety in NFL in 2010 until an injury ended his season after nine games.

    Landry returned last week, after recovering from a groin injury that had kept him out since training camp, but was seen going into the locker room early in the fourth quarter against St. Louis. He did return to play later on.

    Getting healthy is obviously a priority of a bye week, so it will be a nice break for some of the Redskins with nagging injuries. The other positive of having the bye week so early is getting it getting it out of the way and plow forward with momentum the rest of the way.

    Since the NFL implemented the bye week in 1990, seven teams have won the Super Bowl after enjoying an early break. Three more reached it after having their bye week early. The 1993 Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills had two bye weeks that season.

    So this week is important for many reasons, especially since they are coming off a victory. The Redskins have had time to have their weaknesses exposed and the roster is healthy enough to try to do something about it.

    If Grossman's prediction that Washington will win the NFC East this season comes true, hammering out the kinks with be needed so they can hopefully keep winning enough games to get into the playoffs. That, as well as good health and fortuitous luck, can help the Redskins continue to shock the critics who expected them to finish last in their division this year.
  2. The Giants will be there 'till the end...........
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    Unreal. Shanny, you crafty hecker!
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    This ^^^

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    who the hell would of thought that the redskins would be in first place after 4 weeks into the season.
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    Its still early i just have a feeling that it wont stay this way and the skins will drop and the eagles still arent totally out even though it looks bad they have turned things around before
  7. smeags

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    i give the skins props, they won the first 1/4 of the season.

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    Their defense is playing very good, their run game is producing, and Rex is playing good enough and smart enough.

    They do that for the next 12 games and they'll take the division.
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    You can't help put them in the conversation for the NFC East title now...Eagles, Panthers and Bills on the docket after the bye...
  10. You poor fools............
  11. smeags

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    so how are the nfc east leading skins doing ?
  12. Loss.........Loss........and they will make it three straight this Sunday against Buffalo. And they face the 49ers the following week.

    Washington will finish dead last in the East.
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    cant true BBB - we were all told shannahan was going to brring the skins back to the top. cause he is still an elite HC.
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    Yeah...can slowly remove them from the conversation. That Eagles game was I said somewhere else, it's the game that will begin the Eagles climb and start the Redskins fall.
  15. I never bought it............
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    Nit as fun with no skins fans here....

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    Next week's Dallas/Eagles game is HUGE.

    Dallas coming off a nice win yesterday, and the Eagles coming off the bye with a big win VS Washington. Winner of that game gets hot

    Its a validating game for Dallas they need to cement themselves as a legit playoff contender. For the Eagles, its a big pullup out of the hole the dug for themselves, and a streak starter
  18. smeags

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    who is going to start at qb for the next game ?
  19. smeags

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  20. smeags

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    what if -

    the redskins sign both peyton manning and desean jackson ?