NFL Coaches Believe Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Is "Done"

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by BigBlueBruiser, Jul 22, 2015.

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    An anonymous offensive coach told ESPN's Mike Sando that Robert Griffin III is "done and there's no coming back." "The reason is, the injury slowed his legs, and his ego will not allow him to hit rock bottom and actually grind his way back up the right way," the coach continued. In a poll of 35 coaches and personnel executives, the vast majority of them felt this way. "To get better in this league, you have to have a degree of humility," a personnel director said. RGIII was ranked as the league's 28th-best QB in the poll, finishing ahead of only Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Matt Cassel and Geno Smith.

  2. DawkinsINT

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    Such a shame.
  3. smeags

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    man, i remember when they drafted him. you'd think it was the 2nd coming of christ from the skins fans reaction. the nfce was theirs until he retired.
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    Thanks Obama.
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    He was during his rookie season.he rushed himself back in 2013,and could not get along with the coach last year.he's gone if he shirts the bed this year.if he gets some protection,he may shock some people.who knows?
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    i admit i thought the kid was going to be really good if he could deal with sunburn face shannahan but if you ask me , that didn't happen and the shanny's ruined him.
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    I, on the other hand, see someone who parlayed speed into an NFL contract. Now the knee took that speed away and his passing from the pocket skills are dreadful at best.
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    part of rg3's lure was that he could pass from the pocket but you're right, it's pretty much non existent at this point. the knee is def part of it. he lost his confidence after the injury plus probably some quickness. ultimately i think its more mental than physical.
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    No shirt story of the week.
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    Definitely. He has to retrain himself to be a type of QB that he's never been before. Even though he's a division rival, he seems like a good guy. I'm rooting for the kid to bounce back.
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    Any future for this guy is dependent on the quality of the Skins' offensive line. If that's true, he's done.
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