NFL Drops The Hammer On The Saints For Bounty Program

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by Sweets, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Loomis still putting in work.......

    Brodrick Bunkley to Saints: 5 yrs, $25m

    bye bye vilma
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    I think this ought to get the message across to the league. If they were less harsh, other teams might still roll the dice and ignore it.
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    In no way, shape,or form, am I a fan of Roger Goodell, but the Saints brought this crap onto themselves, and are now paying the price.
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    Hate to say i told ya so,but i told you so! This was too big to not drop the hammer on the aints!
    Aints should fire loomis, and peyton for cause,and move on! league should suspend williams two years.
  5. Buck Fenson

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    I think the year suspension for Payton is also for trying to tell employees to lie to the investigators. Don't see Loomis or Payton being fired. As far as my comment about videotaping is worse than intentionally hurting players, if not all then a large amount of teams did the same thing. Does it make it right?? Morally no. But go back to all the games and you can't find any shot that was dirty and illegal that injured someone. Just didn't happen. Just because there was a bounty doesn't mean any was paid out. And most players play hard every down so I just can't see how paying a small amount of money to take out the best player will make someone hit harder. You are trying to hurt the player anyway. The main problem I have is Payton trying to derail the investigation. That is what I have a problem with and because of that I agree with the one year suspension.
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    See that's where i don't agree with that in the good nature of the game you are trying to play the game right, not try to purposely take a player out by encouraging them to pay more for a player getting carted off the field. Yes i do understand that football is a physical game and there will be injuries, sometimes freak injuries happen where a player doesn't even get touched but to encourage this type of behavior or mentality takes the game to a shady and dishonest side. I mean i love a good hit and i love it when a defense intimidates a player with a solid "LEGAL" hit but when you go below the knees or you hit after a whistle it destroys the integrity of the game. (even in court intent is all that is needed to establish to provide a guilty verdict)
    And they were caught before and were asked to stop and they did not, so that's where Goodell decided to put severe penalties on the saints, and if you think about it spygate wasn't going to physically hurt anyone unlike the Saints Bountygate and by this i do not condone what the hoody did because it was straight up cheating
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    I respect the NFL for coming down hard...while I think it is a bit excessive on the penalties for Payton and Loomis, I respect the NFL in this case for dropping a heavy hammer on the bounties to ensure this thing doesn't happen in the future.

    It's worse than Spygate because it involves player safety and potentially players careers.
  8. Buck Fenson

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    there is no instances in the past three years that showed a Saints player illegally hit a player. Yes, they beat the retirement out of Farve but they were all legal hits. When I said that Spygate was worse it is because there are, or was, more teams doing what the Saints did than what the pats did.
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    That's an awesome avatar!

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    Tim, have you been the victim of any targeted attacks designed to take you out of the game?
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    Those KY players are real meanies.

    [ame=]tim tebow gets knocked out - YouTube[/ame]
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    Maybe the Saints are stock piling players in preparation for suspensions?
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    The NFL has been preaching about player safety for so long now, Goodell felt like he had to do something drastic. If he didn't, it would have made him and the NFL look like hypocrites.
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    Any major networks that wants the truth pls let me know!!
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    It is a lot harsher than I expected also. I can't say they don't deserve it, but I won't be surprised if they try to appeal he decision.
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    harsh and fair... agree
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    Which is the worst thing you could ever doo
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    That was part of the punishment

    You guys will sign Alan Ball next
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