NFL Explains Steelers LB James Harrison's Roughing The Passer Penalty

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by Sweets, Dec 9, 2011.

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    The rules of the NFL exist. Whether or not they should exist is a different issue.
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    Are you saying that no matter what happens in the game it should be legal? Maybe in years past this would have been a legal hit, it isn't anymore. Lots of things aren't legal anymore that used to be. Chop blocks, blindsiding people (whatever you want to call the new Hines Ward rule), going at qb's below the knees, etc. That's what the game is now, calling us pussies because we agree he broke the rules isn't going to change anything.

    There are plenty of things that have changed that aren't related to violent hits as well, the rules as to what is a catch in the endzone, feet in bounds after a catch as opposed to the force out by defenders. Rules change, we watch and try to see whether or not they broke the rules.
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    the Hines Ward rule, the James Harrison rule, and the Carson Palmer rule, all stem from dirty crap that the Steelers do. :eusa_naughty:

    Fine, so the last one was the Brady rule.
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    So at what point do you consider a QB a runner and not a "passer?" And don't say once he crosses the line of scrimage, because that doesn't hold water on a QB keeper, naked bootleg, option run and God forbid a "wildcat" QB...

    Again, I'm not defending the hit. He's gonna get fined...although I think there was no way he couldn't avoid it, he lowered his head and committed to the hit before McCoy let go of the a runner...but regardless, he laid a nice hit on McCoy that pretty much won the game for the Steelers. So all in all, probably worth the
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    The fact that the NFL had to come out and explain it makes me believe Harrison won't be suspended.
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    They didn't suspend Seymour for repeated offenses...
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    Io saw the play and I'm a colt fan... And that play was all instinct.... No planning no thought pure instinct and reaction

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    You people are freaking crapting me right?

    Harrison could have

    A. Shoved McCoy, he would have fallen down.
    B. AIMED LOWER he would have still blasted McCoy.

    I watched the play over and over and over again. Harrison didn't start running until McCoy was running, so sure McCoy was a runner, but Harrison aimed for the head, and led with his helmet, this is ILLEGAL...period. This is the EXACT HIT that got Harrison in trouble versus the Browns last year.

    Get over it, it was illegal, move on, it was dirty, deal with it. THIS is not instinct. I played football and I never helmet to helmeted anyone, aim for the chest not the head. I am not saying Harrison shouldnt have hit him, but the way he hit him was illegal.
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    I broke a dudes face mask... Coach gave me a skull and bones sticker for my helmet.... I wore that proudly

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    and had you broke the kids neck you'd where that proudly too right?
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    Of course Harrison ran when McCoy ran. He probably has an assignment in the pass game until the QB is By the way it is nothing like the hit that got him in trouble last season. Last season there was nothing wrong with that hit. Massaquoi has to be aware...and as you can see from some of the "non-calls" this season, the defenseless receiver thing ain't all it's cracked up to be. Harrison was fined for the result last year...not the hit and that's wrong on any level with any player.
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    Exactly, which means he didn't have a full head of momentum, he had just started running he literally took 2 steps...the argument that he was going full speed and couldnt stop is bullcrap he could have skirted around McCoy, shoved him, or hit him in the chest. I am willing to bet he could have stopped if he wanted too.
  13. 86WARD

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    Actually...once a "passer" is outside the pocket, he loses the protection of the "one step rule." So two steps and a hit is legal. McCoy never clearly established a passing posture either.

    Call him a "passer" and it still fails. If you want to say he's "defenseless?" Then you have an argument. Obviously no one on the officiating team thought it was flagrant. Otherwise that would be cause for immediate ejection. Which didn't occur and he went over to McCoy after it occurred and apologized.
  14. Dragonite

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    Your kidding me right? This hit would have been illegal on ANY player. This is the same hit he leveled last year on Massoqui you do realize that right. HELMET TO HELMET IS ILLEGAL AND DIRTY ON ANY PLAYER ANYWHERE ON THE FIELD. He clearly hit him with his helmet, Colt's head snapped back and Harrison led with the helmet to the head.

    Also McCoy was defenseless he had let the ball go and was not in any position to protect himself for a hit, if you played football you would no that after you release a pass (which that clearly was) you are not ready to be destroyed by a defender.

    I like Harrison, he plays hard, but he plays dirty and that play was clearly dirty. It would have been dirty if he hit Evan Moore, or Peyton Hillis or anyone else on the field, helmet to helmet aimed for the head can seriously destroy someones career...
  15. 86WARD

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    It wasn't the same hit dude...not even close. Go back and look. If anything the hit on Massaqoui was much more vicious. lol...

    I never said the hit wasn't illegal and I never said McCoy wasn't defenseless. I said the NFL is wrong in their explanation.

    And it's not illegal if he hit Peyton Hillis or Evan Moore. Unless they were defenseless...which I'm assuming you are saying they are running the ball when this "imaginary" hit takes place. lol. It's not illegal then...but that's not what this thread is about.

    Bottom line is IMO, the NFL isn't right in their explanation of the hit.
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    It didn't happen so we will never know

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  17. Dragonite

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    Thats not true, a helmet to helmet hit is illegal.

    "At minimum, a helmet to helmet hit results in a 15-yard penalty. In terms of severity, 15 yards is the largest ball-movement penalty issued by the NFL."

    Nowhere does it specify that it has to be on a Quarterback. Helmet to Helmet is flat up illegal.
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    Good to know you'd be happy to break someones neck... :icon_rolleyes:
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    As long as they can still legally throw the ball, you don't know. I posted the pass vs run play rules earlier. It's basically a run unless it's followed by a legal pass or a legal kick. So he's a runner, unless he's a passer or a kicker. In all those plays you mentioned, they can still pull up and be passers or kickers as long as they're behind the line of scrimmage.

    So, the only time a defender can be 100% sure he won't be a passer is if he's beyond the line of scrimmage. You said, Massaquoi had to be aware on the hit last year. Harrison has to be aware in this situation. (Actually, he was aware. He did it anyway. Thus the problem)
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    Never said I'd be happy.... Don't know where you got that from....

    Harrison shouldn't be suspended imo

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