NFL Fact Or Fiction: Jake Locker, Brown QB's, Big Ben, Bills vs NFL, Jay Cutler

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    Welcome lurkers! It's time to get off your asses and catch up with your favorite column here on GIF!

    This week the gang discusses: Jake Locker's future, The QB carousel in Cleveland, Big Ben trade rumors, the Bills vs the NFL schedulemakers and Jay Cutler's future in Chicago. You also get a non-football related rant and of course, your classic NFL moment of the week.

    Hello again readers, and apologies in advance for the delay in this week's edition. Before we get into anything else, I need a second to dust off the 'ol soapbox and go on a bit of a rant....


    SRW's Soapbox

    My laptop for years was a Toshiba Satellite. It had a solid run, but in the end the combination of serious overheating from constant use (I think I could fry an egg on the bottom of that damn laptop when it was firing on all cylinders), years of downloading program after progam and kinky asian cosplay pourn caught up to me and it gave me the blue screen of death. The only laptop left after the 'Beast' was slain was the one the missus had. It had it's tour of duty but it had one nasty problem. You shut it down and for whatever reason it couldn't restart correctly for sometimes hours. The screen was pretty much burnt out and only works on one very specific position. That laptops final tour of duty came this weekend though as we got a knock on the door and low and behold a new laptop arrived. Christmas for me came early, and Sweets' days of seeing me curse, rant and rave at my screen are hopefully over.....and then I started it up.

    Windows 8......seriously.....

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    Are you kidding me with the start button fiasco? Why would they get rid of such a key tool? You now have to download an add-on to have a start button. Plus the Metro stuff? Way too sacchrine sweet for me. I don't need all that flash and sizzle. At this point less is more so first thing I did was strip my laptop of all the bloatware and trialware. And baby do they know how to pack 'em. The bloatware was the usual cast of characters (Does ANYONE really play Wild Tangent games? If so, you deserve to be smacked!) Problem with trying to delete programs became a frustrating game of tag with the 'zany' way you now bring up search or the seizure-inducing desktop. So you have to install an add-on (the most trusted program, Startdock's Start 8, isn't free but gives you a 30-day free trial, and IMO it's a winner with a low price tag of $4.99) just to get this function back. Getting this program also gives you back search in the start menu, which is great since the new search SUCKS SWEATY MONKEY BALLS.

    The new App system is just another maze of useless crap you need to sift through. So now I had to grind through deleting apps I know I will never touch or need. Windows 8 really dropped the ball in my book. I am not a fan and don't like that I need to find add-ons just to get what used to be basic functions back. I can understand wanting to doll things up but they got too cute with trying to revamp the functionality. Now it's over-thought and quirky. So after almost a week of getting everything setup, I am finally up to speed 100%. Lesson of the rant? People, save yourselves some major hassles and give this Start 8 program a try. It's going to make that learning curve to Windows 8 much less painful. I'm in no way a paid sponsor (not like it matters on this site! ::rimshot::) but one key missing feature made Windows a huge pain in the butt.


    Well with that non-football related rant out of the way, why don't we move on to what you came here for? Week 10 has come and gone, Week 11 is upon us and we have our resident experts RichLikeWh0a and Omen back on board for the latest installment of NFL Fact or Fiction!

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    1. After suffering a season-ending Lisfranc injury, Jake Locker is done in Tennessee. He can't be counted on to stay healthy and his $15M cap hit for next year means he's played his last down with the Titans. There is no way the Titans can justify spending that much on a player this brittle.
    RichLikeWhoa: Fiction - Locker is an adequate NFL quarterback. Yeah, he could be a little on the brittle side, but injuries are so circumstantial that I never truly buy into the injury prone tags. Simply put, crap happens. Quarterbacks are hard to come by in this league...some teams have been searching for a franchise quarterback for years and years still. Obviously, some franchises get lucky (I'm looking at you Colts), but that's the exception and not at all the norm. The Titans should and will keep Locker, even if it's because there isn't a better option available.

    Omen: Fiction - He will either have to take a pay cut to remain in Tennessee or he will find himself in the market for new team. I believe next year's draft is well stocked with QB's. But do the Titans really want start all over with finding a franchise quarterback. ​
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    2. Brandon Weeden, Brent Hoyer, back to Weeden and now Jason Campbell. The game of musical chairs in Cleveland seems to have finally ended with Campbell playing well under center. The Browns would be a first place team right now if they would have made the right choice and made Jason Campbell the starter from Week One.
    RichLikeWhoa: Fiction - While Jason Campbell is playing well, I can't honestly put them in first. Maybe, maybe not. I do think the team would have been better off but Campbell likely still would have struggled without Gordon in the first few games of the season. Not only that, but I think the Browns offense as a whole has improved as the season went on, not just QB play. Campbell is playing well but I don't want to give him too much credit----yet.

    Omen: Fiction - I don't think the Browns starting Campbell since the season began would have catapulted them to the top. They seem to have more issues than just who to start at QB. ​
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    3. Where there is smoke there is fire. Last week a report came out that the Ben Roethlisberger wants out of Pittsburgh. Rumor had it he's fed up with Todd Haley and is tired of the Steelers crumbling around him. Of course everyone went into denial mode when approached by the media, but we've heard denials before that proved otherwise (Hello Nick Saban!). At the end of the day Big Ben will find himself in Arizona, who will focus on shoring up that line around their new franchise QB who will be playing pitch and catch with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and his buddy Bruce Arians.
    RichLikeWhoa: Fiction - This is one of those stories that instantly infuriate me. Ben Roethlisberger isn't leaving the Steelers. Maybe he's had irrational thoughts of wanting to be traded while angry, and who could blame him? He has a high school offensive line in front of him. That's not going to make any quarterback smile. But I do not see how anybody could truly believe Ben could be traded. Besides, Ben wouldn't lie to the media. What part of his character history would ever lead somebody to believe he'd ever do anything like lie to the media???

    Omen: Fiction - I think they'd axe Haley before Big Ben. Why would Pittsburgh let the QB who has led to two Super Bowls over a coach who has only been there for a couple of years. If he were to leave I don't think it will be Arizona but I could see him in Cleveland. ​

    4. The Bills have been a victim to injuries and inconsistent play, but COO Russ Brandon believes the NFL schedule has been their worst enemy. They lead the league in games where there opponents are coming off extra rest after a bye or long week after a Thursday night game. The Bills have a legit gripe with the NFL schedule makers.
    RichLikeWhoa: Fact - Look, I know a lot of people are telling them to nut up and quit being whiney snitches. To an extent, they should, because the reality is this is what they face now and energy spent snitching is energy wasted. That said, it's an absolutely legitimate gripe when everybody has way more time to study and prepare for you. This is a competitive disadvantage that you can tolerate a couple times a season, it's inevitable. When you face it as much as the Bills are this season, it's simply unacceptable. And the NFL does need to watch that more closely.

    Omen: Fact - But Bills need to grow a pair and tough it out. This happens to a team every year and you don't see them running to the league and crying about it. Nut up and play your games just as every other team has done before this year. It's football at highest level not bush league pee wee.​
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    5. The Bears should stop kidding themselves and stick with Josh McCown the rest of the way and cut their losses with Jay Cutler this offseason. Cutler hasn't been consistent enough in Chicago to earn his spot as the franchise QB.
    RichLikeWhoa: Fiction - Cutler deserves to stay in Chicago. I don't know if every Bears fan will agree with me, but he hasn't been given the fairest of shakes. Horrid offensive line after horrid offensive line, a few changes of offense if I'm not mistaken.. Jay Cutler isn't an elite quarterback, but he's certainly above average (and better than Alex Smith, by the way). Much like I said about Locker above, you can't afford to let go of a guy who is good enough. QBs are too few and far between (unless Bradford becomes available, but I digress).

    Omen: Fiction - Cutler is the best option for the Bears. I say let McCown play out the season especially if Cutler can't go but McCown is a back up for a reason. If they really don't want Cutler back then McCown will a stop Gap for the new Franchise QB. ​
    *****BONUS QUESTION*****

    Thanks to [MENTION=2081]markaz[/MENTION], we have a bonus question for the dynamic duo this week. So take it away mark:

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    Montana to Rice is arguably the greatest Quarterback/Receiver combination in the history of the NFL. Both are Hall of Famers primarily because of their bodies of work while together in San Francisco. At the same time, as individual players their greatness continued when Montana went to KC and Rice went to Oakland. Moving the clock forward to present day NFL, to succeed statistically and put up Hall of Fame-type numbers, Matthew Stafford is far more dependent on Calvin Johnson than Calvin Johnson is dependent on Stafford to put up the numbers.
    RichLikeWhoa: Fact - Stafford can't do much of anything without Calvin Johnson--right now. Stafford doesn't have a legitimate receiving corp and the only receiver he can really rely on IS Calvin. If you give Stafford two more quality receivers, I'm not so sure Stafford would need to lean on Calvin as much. That being said, Calvin Johnson could have about anybody throwing to him, and he's going to get his. That's a simple fact.

    Omen: Fact - Calvin Johnson doesn't need Matt Stafford as his QB. This is not a equal relationship. Calvin could change teams and produce at the same level or even better numbers with a better QB at the helm. If Calvin left the Lions Matt would not be the same. He's not a bad QB, just not as good without Megatron.​

    [ame=""]That's All Folks! (Best one on YouTube) - YouTube[/ame]

    Well, the guys agreed on all their answers this week, 6 for 6! Thank you to markaz for submitting abonus question for the guys this week!

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    I leave you now with the Classic NFL Moment Of The Week, enjoy:
    [ame=""]BEST NFL Playoff Catch of ALLTIME - YouTube[/ame]
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    Take the classic moment, transfer it to today's game and on that catch, there's most likely defensive PI. Then there would be taunting/unsportsmanlike conduct on 28 for spiking the ball
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    I think the Bills should stop snitching and complaining to the NFL and just play football. The schedule isn't always going to be to your liking. Whether the schedule is hard or easy, you still got to play the games on your schedule regardless.

    I think Jay Cutler has shown what he can do with actual weapons instead of garbage and an actual o-line. I know no one stays fully 100% healthy through out the course of the season but the Bears have gotten 16 games from him only once since he's been a Bear and that was back in 2009. I was pretty certain the Bears would use the franchise tag on Cutler after this season. Now, i'm honestly not so sure. Lord only knows how long he'll be out with a high ankle sprain. If the Bears let Cutler walk, somebody will take a risk on him.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    How is this the first time I've ever seen that catch?!!!! I think the Titans will stick with Locker. They really wanted him when they drafted him and he was finally starting to come around this year before the injury
  5. DawkinsINT

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    The Dolphins belong in a fishbowl not a Superbowl.
  6. CaptainStubing

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    although i agree with rich and omen that megatron is the bigger stud in that tandem, i'm going to disagree with the severity of the sentiments that "stafford is practically nothing without megatron" and "megatron would still put up the same numbers with anyone throwing him the ball".

    megatron didn't go from 'good to great' until stafford became the consistent, every-day starter (non-injured) in 2011, 2012, and 2013. When, as you both say, megatron had just 'anyone' throwing him the ball, he was not nearly as dominant.

    Stafford IS an above-average nfl QB, with or without megatron, and megatron's production would go down if he was with most of the other teams' in the league. Megatron absolutely benefits from having stafford. It is a 2-way relationship.
  7. markaz

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    Completely agree with the Captain on this one. Megatron is the best WR in the NFL....that's a given. But I do think that Stafford throwing him the ball has a great deal to do with his lofty numbers. I’m not so sure that Megatron would get his regardless of where he was playing. One need look no further than Larry Fitzgerald to demonstrate the importance of a high-quality QB throwing the ball. Fitz’s numbers are literally a fraction of what they used to be compared to when Kurt Warner was throwing him the ball.

    Good stuff [MENTION=1]SteveRobWhatever[/MENTION], [MENTION=555]Omen[/MENTION] and [MENTION=968]RichLikeWh0a[/MENTION]. I look forward to next week's installment.
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    Spoken like true sports fans without all the superficial nonsense. Great balanced breakdown minus the usual fan boy static.

    Agree 1000%


    I'd tell fans that without Stafford, the highlight reel would be a bunch of sports shorts. Can't sell the importance of Matty short in the Johnson rep...

    Great catch & always loved Freddie but the amount of stickum he used had the refs toweling the ball off between plays. He was Mr. Stickum back in the day. :icon_smile:
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  9. RichLikeWh0a

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    I'm by no means saying Stafford is bad, I'm saying in his current environment, he's far more dependent on Megatron than vice versa. That situation would flip if he had more weapons besides Megatron in the passing game. That's all I'm saying.
  10. Omen

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    Pretty much sums up my feelings as well. Stafford ain't no slouch but he's more dependent on Megatron then Megatron on stafford.

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