NFL Players Contend NFL Draft Violates Anti-Trust Laws

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    In their lawsuit against the National Football League, the NFL Players, which lists Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller as a plaintiff, contend the NFL Draft violates United States anti-trust law. The pertinent section, from pages 24-25 of the filing: "The NFL and its teams have also announced that they will hold the 2011 College Draft on April 28-30, 2011. The College Draft is one of the longest-running restraints on competition for player services in the NFL. It has the purpose and effect of dividing the market for first year or "rookie" player services among the NFL teams, who would otherwise compete against each other for rookie players, through a number of anticompetitive restraints, including a limitation on the compensation that can be paid to those players." The one thing teams, media, and fans were certain of this off-season was that there would be a 2011 NFL Draft. Tonight's filing is a potential threat to that event taking place.

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    The one thing we have left right now and they are trying to TAKE IT AWAY. FREAK THAT.
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    Get your hands off our draft you greedy pr**ks!
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    Are these freaking football players out if their damn minds???

    I almost hope the owners lock these douchbags out for two years. Get these assclowns to be void of income and benefits for awhile so they can see how heckin' great it was when they were making hundreds of thousands or even millions to entertain.
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    As far as the rookies? Screw them. Go to the UFL or CFL, Von Miller.
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    You do realize it's a lockout and not a strike right?
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    actually its a walkout and the draft has been around for years and the NFLPA has never once given a crap about it. The fact that they filed this that quick shows me that decertifying was their plan the whole time. If they take away the draft.............i cant even think what id do it would be a sad sad day
  9. I wonder how far Von Miller will fall in the draft now that he is a plaintiff in the union talks......
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    Uhhh...... Little League even does a draft every year. Are they named in the suit as well?
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    Ward- technically, yeah. But the players' change in demands from the last CBA are the reasons there is a lockout.
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    86WARD - it what you will. It's a lockout. The players have to clears the way so players can file antitrust lawsuits against the league, which could be barred from locking out those players. Of course they did it so quickly. You don't think they have the sense to have those papers ready to go? They do it to prevent a lockout. Which it goes to the courts.
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    If the players are serious about the draft, then this could change the face of American Sports forever. I hope they aren't though, it's one of the key reasons why our sport is so open and exciting year after year.
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    Rookie Wage Scale/Salary (which both are in favor of)
    Expansion of Regular Season
    $2 Billion Dollars
    Health Benefits

    Those are the major issues. The players aren't throwing ridiculous demands out there. They asked for health benefits past the 5 years out of the league. Change in demand? Sure. Ridiculous? No...not with how we've seen how some of these players' health are after they retire.

    The owners are still bitter that they didn't fully read the 2006 CBA and feel that the players got one over on them. The players were getting 60% of the revenue according to the 2006 CBA. They offered up 10% without question for this one. The owners want more...

    The draft should be left alone...end of story.
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    Funny how blind people can be.
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    Don't forget the books the owners refused to open.
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    Great post. Right along the fence. Pick a side already.
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    Some people don't know enough about both sides of the story to make a decision mush...