NFL Says Saints Created 'Bounty Program' From 2009-2011

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by Sweets, Mar 2, 2012.

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    After a lengthy investigation conducted by the NFL's security department, the league announced Friday that 22 to 27 defensive players on the New Orleans Saints maintained a "bounty program" administered by then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 season according to The program runs in violation of league rules, and the investigation showed that Saints players received $1,500 for a “knockout†hit and $1,000 for a “cart-off†hit with payouts doubling or tripling during the team's three playoffs appearance. The program also entailed payments for interceptions and fumble recoveries, which also violates league rules against non-contract bonuses. NFL Commission Roger Goodell will determine the appropriate discipline, the league said in a statement. "The payments here are particularly troubling because they involved not just payments for ‘performance,’ but also for injuring opposing players,†Goodell said in a statement released by the league. “The bounty rule promotes two key elements of NFL football: player safety and competitive integrity. “It is our responsibility to protect player safety and the integrity of our game, and this type of conduct will not be tolerated. We have made significant progress in changing the culture with respect to player safety and we are not going to relent. We have more work to do and we will do it.†Goodell said the investigation began in 2010 after allegations were made that the Saints defenders had targeted Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre during their 2009 run to the Super Bowl. "Our security department interviewed numerous players and other individuals," Goodell said. "At the time, those interviewed denied that any such program existed and the player that made the allegation retracted his earlier assertions. As a result, the allegations could not be proven. We recently received significant and credible new information and the investigation was re-opened during the latter part of the 2011 season.â€

    Source: The Redzone
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    whoops. this is kind of a big deal. the saints could lose some draft picks over this.
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    shawn merriman just tweeted that a 'bounty' is what cost him his PCL and LCL..............
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    darren sharper is on nfl32 right now and he is denying it happened.
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    Lol while Williams himself is admitting it happened.
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    This is going to sting
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    Remember this? :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Gregg Williams is hecked. The saints might be for a while too.
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    How much does this get you? :)

    I'm still a bit weary until they say where the sources came from other than Gregg Williams or broke former players. However if it is true(which is probably is) I can't understand how Payton, Gregg Williams or anyone else involved could still be allowed to coach in the NFL. This isn't like they wined and dined FA's illegally or video taped walk throughs. They tried to end peoples careers and genuinely hurt them. Something other than draft picks need to be taken away.
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    Williams pretty much admitted being involved. How Payton didn't know about it is beyond me...he'll probably get some heat as well.
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    Stuff like this is encouraged in junior and high school except they don't pay you money. They give skull stickers or something of that nature.

    I'm not saying it makes it right just stating the facts

    Shouldn't Greg Williams be disciplined too

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    I think Williams needs to be banned from the league. Intentionally trying to seriously injure players is as bad as it gets.
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    Just like Spygate, you have to be ignorant to not believe that a good amount of other teams are doing the exact same.
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    I coach a football team and I give these stickers for good legal tackles, sacks, int, td's etc etc not for a kid to try and hurt another. I tell my kids football is a tough sport and people get hurt, but if you make a clean hit and it's hurts the other kid you shouldn't feel like you did anything wrong. Feel bad the kid is hurt, but it isn't your fault
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    My sentiments exactly. I am not saying its right, but I would not be shocked if every team in the league has something similar. Between players, between coaches, whatever. You have to be ignorant to demand the coaches head, NFL players go out there and try to hurt other players all the time, its the nature of this game.

    Should they be punished. Sure. But banned. Thats just insane.
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    There needs to be a no tolerance policy with this. If a coach is paying players to hurt other players there is no place for them in the game. That's hecked up and as low as it gets.

    And of course other teams were doing it. But right now Gregg Williams is at the forefront of it and has done it with multiple teams. He needs to go. If/When other names come out from other teams then they should be out to. I don't want the game to be pussified like goodell is trying to do but intentionally injuring other guys for money is terrible.
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    You'd probably have to suspend half the league by the time you actually got down to it if someone investigated it far enough. Punishment is fine, but banning them from the league is just ridiculous.
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    Do it on a case by case basis then. Williams did it with at least 2 teams, including a super bowl team. Set the precedent now and boot him.