's Updated Mock Draft (12/20)

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  1. Hopefully he whips Texas Techs butt and helps UVA to a Gator Bowl victory. :happydrunks:
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    I'll drink to that :icon_jook:
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    i wan keith rivers
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    Chris Long would be a great pick.

    Now Jake Long on the other hand? Well... not so much.

    IMO, Jake Long is a bit overrated, and it would be close to a waste to draft an offensive linemen 2nd overall when you can get several good o-linemen all throughout the draft. The last OT picked this early overall was Robert Gallery - and you know how that turned out. The Rams just shouldn't draft a tackle this high.

    We need to draft defensive line in the 1st round. Obviously snag Dorsey if the Dolphins pass on him - but that's not likely - so IMO, we should look at Chris Long at the #2 pick, or trade down a little and get Vernon Gholston around 8th overall or something. Both would be great. The pressure we got on QB's was weak this year... and we could use more strength on the d-line.

    Then in rounds 2 and 3 we can draft some offensive tackles. Because then we will have them and Steussie as insurance for Big Orlando Pace.

    Picking Jake Long at #2 just does not intrigue me. Chris Long on the other hand - i'd be okay with.
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    I cant wait for the 2008 Draft. Should be interesting with the 10 minute clock and a pretty steady dose of talent in the top 3 rds. Wonder is any1 messing up and doesn't get there player card in on time? My guess is YES
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    My bet's on the Vikings.