NFLPA Makes "Bounty Gate" Exhibits Available For Review

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    For months, the NFL Players Association requested access to the information gathered during the NFL's supposedly extensive investigation into the alleged New Orleans Saints' bounty program. Though league officials repeatedly refused to provide the supposed evidence, per the CBA, the NFL was forced to provide documents three days before the hearing. On Friday, the NFL provided 16 exhibits to the NFLPA that would be used against the players in today's hearing. While the exhibits can hardly be characterized as hard evidence, the NFLPA worked with various sources to help define what the items in the exhibits meant.

    Source: NFLPA Communications
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    a few observations after reading through all of that....

    gregg williams is freaking nuts

    it is 90% humor, bravado, metaphorical, motivational speak and about 10% X's and O's

    just a bunch of guys with side bets....while against the rules and deserves discipline, it does not warrant people being suspended for full seasons or half seasons

    players were rewarded for big plays and owed money for mental errors/penalties...once again this would be indicative of a pay for performance system and not a system that rewarded violent hits to take out opposing players

    if you got a penalty for a late or illegal hit you would be fined NOT rewarded by this system

    did i mention gregg williams is freaking nuts????
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    after digging deeper and reading more.....

    the Saints are definitely not innocent victims, they obviously got careless in an attempt to motivate...the dog the bounty hunter reference proves that...but all the evidence so far doesn't justify the punishment handed out