NHL Players Given Nod To Play In 2013 Winter Games In Sochi

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    After weeks of tough negotiations, the NHL and its players reached a deal with the International Ice Hockey Federation on Friday to put the season on hold again so the game's biggest stars can compete in next year's Olympics in Sochi.

    Putting a stop to another season one year after the damaging lockout created a shortened, 48-game campaign was hardly an optimal plan for the NHL. But an agreement was made to allow the top players to take part in the Olympics for the fifth straight time.

    "Our outstanding athletes take tremendous pride in representing their homelands on the global stage," NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a joint announcement with the players' association. "The decision to participate in the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi was in many ways a difficult one, but one that we know will be well received by our players and, most importantly, by the vast majority of our fans and sports fans everywhere."

    Added NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly in an email to ESPN.com on Friday: "I think we were able to get the things we felt were necessary to make NHL participation in Sochi worthwhile and successful. More workable and efficient travel logistics, improved quality and scope of insurance coverage for our teams and athletes, increased access and enhanced ability to collect and distribute Olympic-related content on NHL media platforms, and an improved ability to promote the NHL's participation in the Winter Olympics. It was a process that took longer than we anticipated, but at the end of the day, I think we reached an agreement that all parties can be pleased with."

    Source: ESPN
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    Good move