No NFL Team Has Invited Arizona St LB Vontaze Burfict For A Workout

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by SRW, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Arizona State University linebacker Vontaze Burfict has not been invited for a visit with any NFL teams, his agent Charles Price told The Daily on Sunday. In September of last year, USC defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin described Burfict as unbelievable. "He's big, fast, strong. He's got great talent. He's going to be playing on Sundays, there isn't any doubt about that," Kiffin said. But after collecting 17 personal fouls in three seasons with the Sun Devils, and a poor performance at the NFL Scouting Combine, Burfict’s alleged attitude problems on and off the field have dropped him to becoming potentially undrafted. At the NFL Combine in February, Burfict posted the worst 40 time (5.09 seconds) and also recorded the worst broad jump of any linebacker in attendance.

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  2. K Train

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    never seen such a hard fall
  3. theMind2.0

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    His such an intriguing prospect, though. K_Train, I think your Steelers have enough leadership in the locker room to take a flyer on this guy as an OLB.
  4. Jihad Joe

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    Deandre Brown

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  5. Crowned

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    I would love to get grab Burfict late.
  6. themush

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    Never even heard of this guy.....but I don't follow the draft and combine half as much as you guys do.
  7. Agent Zero

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    If he can change his attitude he could be a monster.
  8. bigsexyy81

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    Crap... I'd take him in the latter part of the 2nd. Getting a 1st round talent that low? Come on now.
  9. bossco

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    He would be great in SF

    49ers n Lakers 4 life
  10. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    [MENTION=1753]Jihad Joe[/MENTION] i couldnt breath from laughing so hard the first time i saw scott tenorman must die

    i agree, hes not an OLB though (he has shown good ability to close when he wants to) but hes a thumping MLB if he can ever get back to sophomore form
    seriously, even getting hightower in 1 and burfict in 5 would be great.
    if he would have just come in shape to the combine he could have had patrick willis like draft status...the man is bat crap crazy no doubt about that but hes a head hunter....unfortunately i dont think he could even play in the NFL right now...much too weak and slow to be effective. really a free fall of a player, he was incredible 2 years ago
  11. I disagree, until he can learn to flow to the football and disengage from lineman and get off blocks he has to play outside. His football IQ isn't high enough to play inside imho.
  12. K Train

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    thats the thing, hes gotten weak and has turned into a player that runs around blocks instead of blowing them up. Which is why i dont think he is ready to see any NFL field with his abysmal workout numbers

    shame :-(
  13. markaz

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    Burfict was the only guy Brock Osweiler wouldn't comment to in a local radio telephone interview. When asked point blank about Burfict being somewhat of a head case, all he could say was that he didn't really know about off the field, but on the field...."No Comment". Burfict is all about Burfict and maybe the NFL has had enough of guys who are head cases with potential at best.:dunno: