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Discussion in 'Jacksonville Jaguars' started by the Jag Zone, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone

    new here.. so i thought I'd start this thread and see how it went..
    seems like we need a li'l JagWire fire...

    ..by the way...although the OL isbeat up and the DBs aren't much better..
    the Jags aren't dead yet!
    PS:.. battling the "Stillers" this week..
    seems like they aren't much healthier than we are!!!
  2. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    First of all, welcome. Secondly, I'll take you up on the Steelers discussion because team threads for no specific reasons aren't allowed since the board got refurbished.

    We always seem to play well against Pittsburgh. We know how they work, and we seem to run well against them. Hopefully we wont slip up this season and we'll turn our 0-2 start into 3-2 and continue pressuring Tennessee for the #1 spot in the South.
  3. phiglesphan

    phiglesphan BANNED

    Welcome to the board.... unfortunately MJD cost me a fantasy win and I will now forever hate you because of it.
    But welcome
  4. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone

    appreciate the welcomes..
    MJD has disappointed quite a few fantasy Owners..
    I think it's in large part because of the Jags efforts to expand their Offensive scheme... but when all's said and done they still should be a run first team..

    ..and hopefully we can shore up that defense a bit more and get that secondary healthy for the "Stiller" game...
  5. PurplePeopleEaters

    PurplePeopleEaters moon over minnie!

    welcome to gif. jags won't win.
  6. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone

    (duely noted)
  7. Susielr

    Susielr Go Steelers

    Leftwich will let the Steelers know what goes on with the Jags...lol.
  8. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone

    we can only hope!
  9. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone


    wake up people..
    we have a big game this week !!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    Hey TJZ, just a quick note that team threads aren't allowed. So I suggest that this thread has a certain topic related to the Jaguars. I'll select... Garrard. Is he performing as well as his contract expects him to? Is he letting the hopes of Jags fans down?

    In my opinion, he's been an excellent leader so far. Yeah, okay, the stats aren't the best but look at his running with the ball and his clutch plays when needed... Then as always there's the ability to take a huge hit and get up and rally the troops again and again.

    Your thoughts?
  11. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone


    he's done fine "so far".. actually a little better each game...
    the O'line issues are definitely a hinderance but steady improvement is the goal..

    he honestly played very poorly in the Tenn game and they still had a chance to win.. the Buffalo game (like the Titans game) was simply one that slipped through the cracks... a broken coverage on a 3rd down play was the dif there... all told so far so good.. the secondary is becoming a big issue though with injuries that could keep three of four starters out (Nelson, Florence, and Mathis) of the Steeler game and with no def to fall back on I'm not sure he is ready to carry the team week in and week out...

    to answer your question more directly though...
    the jury will be out on Garrard through at least this season and next pending how this season and next go.. I'd guess odds are if they don't take that next step.. JDR will be gone and they'll move elsewhere..
  12. Fez

    Fez Chicharooney!!!

    And here I thought, when I saw the thread title on GIF's main page, that this was a topic about Al Davis.
  13. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone

    it's difficult to even acknowledge the fact that the guy you mentioned exists at this point.. let alone owns an NFL team.. talk about having the ability to screw up a program.. I feel serious pain and sorrow for Raider Nation as a whole when it comes to their Owner..
  14. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    I really hope we don't get rid of Jack Del Rio if we don't make the big time soon. We've only been around for just over a decade, heck, why sack our very enthusiastic, made for the job HC just because we don't make the Superbowl after a few good seasons? I don't understand why Schottenheimer was gone in SD either the other year based on this.

    I want to keep Del Rio for as long as possible. He shares the team's mentality perfectly.
  15. the Jag Zone

    the Jag Zone the Jag Zone

    you won't get any argument here..
    I'm a big Del Rio fan..
    in honesty, I liken him to Cowher and Fisher because of their "I'll go to bat for My players at any time but I don't take the garbage from them either" approach..and both of those Coaches have had great NFL success in relatively small markets when left alone and permitted to do their jobs in a very no-nonsense fashion..
  16. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.