'Not pretty' beats not winning any day

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    So what did the head coach have to say?

    Sean Payton told the truth.

    He talked about "things not pretty," about "things not clean," about "a handful of penalties out there."

    What Payton was doing was placing Sunday's 22-16 decision over the Atlanta Falcons in the category of one of those "ugly victories," but one he gladly accepted as the man in charge of a football team still trying to find its way.

    For the Saints, it wasn't as impressive as going out west last week and beating the Seattle Seahawks to halt an 0-4 getaway.

    And, in another way, it was, even though the now 1-6 Falcons can best be described as "more hungry than good."

    Last week, after scoring all the points they needed early on, the Saints went conservative, and scoreless, in the second half.

    On Sunday, they needed 15 second-half points to take the lead, lose it, then grab it again, this time with another version of Reggie Bush at his dramatic best, twisting into the end zone on a 4-yard catch-and-run with five minutes remaining.

    Last week the Saints proved they could win a game with a big start.

    This time they proved they could win as they won some last season, coming together to overcome some shoddy play that sent Payton's ballclub back to square one.

  2. A win is a win bro....people are crying about how the lions won this weekend....a lions win should be good enough since we only see 4 of them a year...stfu and enjoy the win for Christ sakes! The team still has huge holes but enjoy the victory while you can.
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    Right, a week after it, nobody cares how you played the game, as long as you have won it
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    True that go eagles !!!!!!!!