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    This is the final list.

    99 - Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    98 - Tony Siragusa, Baltimore Ravens
    97 - Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    96 - Clyde Simmons, Philadelphia Eagles
    95 - Richard Dent, Chicago Bears
    94 - Charles Haley, San Francisco 49ers
    93 - Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis Colts
    92 - Reggie White, Green Bay Packers
    91 - Kevin Greene, Los Angelos Rams
    90 - Neil Smith, Kansas City Chiefs
    89 - Mike Ditka, Chicago Bears
    88 - Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts
    87 - Dwight Clark, San Fransisco 49ers
    86 - Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers
    85 - Jack Youngblood, Los Angelos Rams
    84 - Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings
    83 - Mark Clayton, Miami Dolphins
    82 - John Stallworth, Pittsburgh Steelers
    81 - twinky Lane, Detroit Lions
    80 - Jerry Rice, San Fransisco 49ers
    79 - Roosevelt Brown, New York Giants
    78 - Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills
    77 - Willie Roaf, New Orleans Saints
    76 - Lou Groza, Cleveland Browns
    75 - Joe Greene, Pittsburgh Steelers
    74 - Bob Lilly, Dallas Cowboys
    73 - Simon Fletcher, Denver Broncos
    72 - Dan Dierdorf, St. Louis Cardinals
    71 - Larry Allen, Dallas Cowboys
    70 - Rayfield Wright, Dallas Cowboys
    69 - Tim Krumrie, Cincimmati Bengals
    68 - Joe DeLamielleure, Buffalo Bills
    67 - Bob Kuechenberg, Miami Dolphins
    66 - Allan Faneca, Pittsburgh Steelers
    65 - Elvin Bathea, Houston Oilers
    64 - Randall McDaniel, Minnesota Vikings
    63 - Gene Upshaw, Oakland Raiders
    62 - Jim Langer, Miami Dolphins
    61 - Curley Culp, Houston Oilers
    60 - Chuck Bednarik, Philadelphia Eagles
    59 - Jack Ham, Pittsburgh Steelers
    58 - Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Steelers
    57 - Dwight Stephenson, Miami Dolphins
    56 - Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants
    55 - Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    54 - Randy White, Dallas Cowboys
    53 - Mike Tingelhoff, Minnesota Vikings
    52 - Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens
    51 - twinky Butkus, Chicago Bears
    50 - Mike Singletary, Chicago bears
    49 - Bobby Mitchell, Cleveland Browns
    48 - Moose Johnston, Dallas Cowboys
    47 - Mel Blount, Pittsburgh Steelers
    46 - Herman Edwards, Philadelphia Eagles
    45 - Gary Fencik, Chicago Bears
    44 - Floyd Little, Denver Broncos
    43 - Don Perkins, Dallas Cowboys
    42 - Ronnie Lott, San Fransisco 49ers
    41 - Eugene Robinson, Seattle Seahawks
    40 - Gayle Sayers, Chicago Bears
    39 - Larry Csonka, Miami Dolphins
    38 - Arnie Herber, Green Bay Packers
    37 - Deion Sanders, Baltimore Ravens
    36 - Jerome Bettis, Pittsburgh Steelers
    35 - Pete Pihos, Philadelphia Eagles
    34 - Walter Payton, Chicago Bears
    33 - Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins
    32 - Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns
    31 - Jim Taylor, New Orleans Saints
    30 - Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos
    29 - Eric twinkyerson, Los Angelos Rams
    28 - Marshall Faulk, St. Louis Rams
    27 - Ken Houston, Houston Oilers
    26 - Rod Woodson, Pittsburgh Steelers
    25 - Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland Raiders
    24 - Lenny Moore, Baltimore Colts
    23 - Devin Hester, Chicago Bears
    22 - Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys
    21 - LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers
    20 - Barry Sanders, Detriot Lions
    19 - Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts
    18 - Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts
    17 - Doug Williams, Washington Redskins
    16 - Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers
    15 - Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers
    14 - Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns
    13 - Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins
    12 - Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers
    11 - Norm Van Brocklin, Los Angelos Rams
    10 - Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings
    09 - Sonny Jurgenson, Washington Redskins
    08 - Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys
    07 - John Elway, Denver Broncos
    06 - Bubby Brister, Denver Broncos
    05 - Paul Hornung, Green Bay Packers
    04 - Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers
    03 - Bronko Nagurski, Chicago Bears
    02 - Charley Trippi, Chicago Cardinals
    01 - Warren Moon, Houston Oilers
    00 - Jim Otto, Oakland Raiders
    0 - Johnny Clement, Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Underground Dyer

    Underground Dyer Chicago Bears Know-It-All

    The only other 46 that I know of was the man that Buddy Ryan named the famed "46" defense after: Former Bears safety Doug Plank.

    And by the way, homer bias or not, Tommie Harris belongs at 91.
  3. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    You can't base a list for today on what you think a player may do.

    As of today, Bradshaw has 4 rings to Brady's 3. Both have 2 Super Bowl MVP's, both have 1 NFL MVP, Bradshaw is a 4 time All-Pro, Brady 2. You can compare their stats, but it's two different era's. As of today, you have to go Bradshaw over Brady. You can't base a decision on what you think Brady may do. He may never win another never know.

    By the way...46 has got to be Lou Groza or Herman Edwards over LaDell Betts. Herman Edwards was #46 and he's much better than LaDell Betts.

    Just my opinion.

    Yeah, 28 is a real tough one. I went with Faulk because of his numbers, but now I'm second guesing. Martin was good for a long time, as was Darrell Green...
  4. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    We already have Groza at 76 but I'll change it to Herm (sorry hermhater).
  5. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    when does this happen, now?
  6. n1gbpackfan

    n1gbpackfan Title Town USA

    yeah - that!
  7. Ridin Burgundy

    Ridin Burgundy on the Magic Bandwagon

    Thanks for putting Green in:icon_cheesygrin:
  8. dolphindude13

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    So players are getting penalized now for the teams they were a part of? The guys numbers don't lie, he was one of the most explosive well rounded backs of his era if not all time. Faulk deserves 28.
  9. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    marshall faulk. after everything is weighed out, throw it in the trash, marshall faulk.

    terry bradshaw should be over tom brady as well. it's a joke.
  10. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    I still could use some help with 41.
  11. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    No love for Fred Taylor at #28? Boo. :icon_sad:
  12. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    there's no help with 41, Terrance Newman is the best NFL player to wear it, that's not even being a homer, I thought there was someone else too, but i've found a couple of sites for the same thing we're doing, all have Newman at 41.

    i agree with Bradshaw over Brady, it isn't because I hate Tom Brady either. It's because Bradshaw won 4 Superbowls, Without Cheating. People can say well " Brady would of had 4, and probably will ". He woulda, coulda, shoulda.... But Didn't. And for him "probably" going to get the 4th one, for all we know, he could trip, and fall... land on his shoulder, and never be able to throw a football again, Not wishing for that to happen, i'm just saying.. it could, then he never gets #4. Terry Bradshaw, has 4. Tom Brady has 3, with a barry bonds size asterisk beside of all 3, imo. :icon_razz:
  13. Hypocycloids

    Hypocycloids Casey Hampton's Girl!

    Bradshaw should definitely be over Brady. Bradshaw has 4 rings to Brady's three; that may or may not be legit! You can't possibly put Brady in over Bradshaw on the sheer fact that you think he might do more than Bradshaw.

    I agree with Inclulbus! 12 is not even a contest right now. Bradshaw. Unbiased.

    Not sure about number 41. Is there not an older guy that sported that number?
  14. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    Next year, if Brady wins the Superbowl, breaks one of his own records, breaks Peyton Manning's QB Rating Record, or throws for 5,000+ yards, or if no new news emerges in Spygate starting on opening day, he's gonna have 12. For now it's Bradshaw do to people biting my head off even though the Steelers are probably gonna win this heckin game, but that will almost definitely change.
  15. bandi

    bandi Hall Of Famer

    Yeah, but Irvin, Swann and Harrison are all WR's...and Tony G. is a TE...AND has the best stats of all TE's....Does Harrison have the best stats of all WR's?? I don't think so.
  16. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I hate to say it, but Larry Csonka should be above Willie Parker.
  17. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    Took care of that a while ago.
  18. mj1987us26

    mj1987us26 Super

    how about Eugene Robinson at 41.
  19. ravenfan52

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  20. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    when does this happen?