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  1. K Train

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    I will go on record saying there is NO tackle in the draft this year as good as michael oher.....but there are some good ones.

    aside from the obvious top 2 in Okung and Williams there is alot of guys i like.

    Ciron Black is my favorite this year....i seem to have a soft spot for LSU players, idk why i dont like LSU at all.

    Sam Young is another guy i like, unfortunately he is pure RT and the steelers are pretty set at RT because i dont think they will let Colon go....he will be a round 2 guy even though mike oxlong thinks hes a first rounder....i guess he could sneak in the first round with great workouts ala gosder cherilus.

    Bryan Bulaga will have my close attention too, i think he has the potential to be great, ...pretty sure hes a junior so who knows, he might stay and be the #1 tackle taken in 2011 or just not be a cat and declare so he can have a chance for the steelers to pass on him to spite me. he has joe thomas pass blocking skills and jake long run blocking skills

    Selvish Capers and Jason Fox are 2 guys i will be watching too.

    Ciron Black's stock has slipped recently....which is pretty awesome
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    O linemen 4TW
  3. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    I would also like to add JD walton and Eric Olsen as my favorite centers....guards are pretty blah this year but i will get back to them. im doing these threads based on steeler needs and working my way out. steelers are loaded at guard, thin at tackle and center.

    i would like jj's opinion on young and olsen
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    Wat about my opinion?
  5. K Train

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    post #2 pretty much said it all
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    Me and Young are not on speaking terms since I had high hopes for him going into ND. He had a solid Freshmen year with a vet team around him but crumbled his sophmore year. I see him as a solid RT in the NFL that can swing to the left side in a pinch. He reminds me of Marc Colombo without the mean streak. I rate him as a 2nd-3rd

    Olsen has done a very good job run blocking up the middle for Allen, and has the versitility of having started at multiple positions that makes him a quality mid rounder. He doesnt have the expirience yet at OC to be an instant starter, having only played there one year but the upside is definatly there. I dont know much aboput his raw strength, so Im just gonn call him a 4th rounder who could move as high as the second with a bigtime workout
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    Top 5 Players By Position: Offensive Tackles

    1. Russell Okung from Oklahoma State is a better (more refined) pass protector than Michael Oher, and will be a top-5 pick when all is said and done. Hes a franchise player on the QB's blindside.
    (grade = A+ - top 5 pick)

    2. Bruce Campbell from Maryland has the best footwork in the draft. Another blind-side protector and outstanding pass blocker. I put a premium on arm extension and footwork for tackles and Campbell may well be the first player taken on draft day. (grade =A+. top 5 pick)

    3. Charles Brown from USC. Another elite pass protector, but loses some points because I doubt a sub-300 pound tackle goes in the top 15 picks. His talent level, however, demands a top 10 selection. Would be incredible in a Zone Blocking Scheme. (grade=A, top 10 picks)

    4. Bryan Bulaga, Iowa. Iowa are known for producing great offensive linemen which gives Bulaga some points. However, I have doubts about his technique and footwork which for me limits him to the right side. He does NOT have Joe Thomas pass blocking ability, but he is an outstanding run blocker. Scheme versatile, can probably play well in any blocking scheme. (grade B+, First Round)

    5. Trent Williams, Oklahoma. Has all the tools to succeed at an NFL left tackle. However lacks a mean streak (hes too nice) and has been incredibly inconsistent this season. He reminds me of Robert Gallery. (not saying he will be a bust, just a guy with all the tools not producing the way he should). I would not be suprised is he fell the the end of the first.
    (grade B+, first round)

    I think that the top 3 are better than Michael Oher. my opinion. Id say if Trent shapes up and Bulaga sorts his technique out then all 5 can be better than Oher. again, my opinion.
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    Chris Scott LT for the Vol should be moving up some boards, but probably as a RT. He is arguably the main reason Hardesty is playing aswell as he is, whenever UT needs a big run play they run left behind him.
  10. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i just looked at oher as the best last year and so far i have been right since hes started every game on both sides and the other top guys have either been obese or lost their starting job at one point because of inconsistency. i dont really think there is a tackle as balanced as oher this year....some great tackle prospects out there though no doubt
  11. Jihad Joe

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    bumpy bump bump

    Iupati has seemed to be flying up boards, but Ive also heard he had a bad Senior Bowl

    Vladimir Ducasse is a guy thats growing on me. he needs alot of work, but with the right staff he can play LT in the NFL

    And if Im betting on Dallas drafting one player, it's Markice Pouncey. Similar type center prospect as Unger last year, who we targeted hard
  12. K Train

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    pouncey <3
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    Im not a big fan of the Interior prospects

    Iupati, Pouncey and Ducasse are good at the top, but it seems like a weak class

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    And on top of that I think Ducasse should be a tackle
  14. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    ducasse is a 3rd round guard prospect.
  15. Jihad Joe

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    bullcrap. He's a solid second rounder. Wont go any higher, but he is a second

    He has the body and skill to play LT in the NFL, he is just very raw
  16. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    id rather put iupati at tackle than ducasse....idk who pulled him out of their butt but everyone hopped on that bandwagon
  17. Jihad Joe

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    Iupati is simply the better prospect, but he would be a dominate OG off the bat. Ducasse may not even see the field until 2011, even at Guard. Hard to say who would be the better OT, but Ducasse is quicker of the two and may be better against peed rusher than Iupati

    Small school guy, kinda like Sammie Lee Hill and Sidebury last year and DRC the year before. Sometimes you dont here much from them until they are on a level field with bigger school guys
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    Iupati was owned but Geno Atkins on pass plays during the senior bowl.
  19. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    sammie lee hill=my boy
    DRC=always and forever my boy
    vlad ducasse=im not buying into it, i liked corneilus lewis alot last year.....hes kind of there on that level as far as skill and physical ability but lewis plumeted down the boards and went undrafted which was a shame imo, but im not taking ducasse in the first 2 rounds
  20. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Id take him in the second, 1-because we need lineman......2-we dont need them to hit the field until 2011........3- Our OL coach is the guy that developed a dude from Sonoma State into the best Interior Lineman ever

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    Thats one of the things I heard about him, that he might struggle with stunts and twists and such. Didnt see the game, where they stunts, or did he get straight blown up