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    A thread for Bills fans by Bills fans. Where would you rather be than right here, right now?

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    WOoooHoooo we got our own thread.
    right now I guess I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, come sunday at 1pm I'd rather be at the game.( obviously).

    Anyone a little nervous that Coy is now one of our starting LB's?
    and we only have 2 DE's with nfl experence?
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    given how horribly ellison has been tackling this preseason, i don't think coy wire will be a dropoff - he might even be a better run plugger than ellison. ellison is, however, a much better pass defender imo
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    Good point. I guess only time will tell
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    I think Wire will be fine. I'm more worried about McCargo and Webster contributing.
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    Incase you didn't know Losman is on Rome is Burning at 4:30 on espn
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    The perfect piece of news tidbit that only the official Bills thread would appreciate.
    Awesome, thanks. I did not know that. I'll be watching.

    Paul Hamilton Reacts To Cut Day With Howard Simon
    Tuesday, September 4, 2007
    The Howard Simon Show welcomed WGR beat reporter Paul Hamilton to the show to talk the Bills' 53-man roster.

    Click link to listen to audio
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    Thanks for that clip. The guy makes some good points especially the Schneck cut.

    we just signed Eakin to our practice squad.Ps is full now
    I expected the final spot to go to a qb since we were only carrying 2 qbs on the active roster.

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    Randy Cross Previews Buffalo/Denver
    Wednesday, September 5, 2007 - Howard Simon Show - WGR
    The Howard Simon Show welcomed CBS' Randy Cross, who will give color commentary alongside Gus Johnson for Buffalo's Week One contest against Denver. Sept. 5.

    click link to listen to audio
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    well to try and help the DE shortage on the team they are going to experiment with Jason Jefferson at DE. I don't know how well a DT that can't make it into a game is going to do at a different position but we're running out of options due to injuries.

    here's a blurb from thre article:

    With the player shortage at defensive end proving to be a persistent problem for Buffalo's defense head coach twinky Jauron said they'd be trying some different options at the position in preparation for Sunday's season opener. The first option they're considering is moving defensive tackle Jason Jefferson to end. And that experiment was put into action Monday.

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    great. our bottom-of-the barrel defensive tackle is going to be playing end for us.
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    Source: Chris Brown,
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    i really hope crowell can avoid the injury bug. i expect big things out of him this year, especially since all our 'big names' have left.
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    twinky Jauron is on The Afternoon Blitz(NFL radio) at 4pm, If I'm not mistaken it's going to be a weekly thing.

    Solly just said on the afternoon Blitz that the Bills have the players they're looking for, they're going to be an exciting offense to watch and If they click will be a top 10 offense in the league.
    Both(Schein, wilcox) pick Bills to win this weekend.
    Jauron gave the usual coach bable
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    Bruce Smith With Mike Schopp And The Bulldog
    Thursday, September 6, 2007 - Schopp & The Bulldog - WGR
    Bruce Smith talks with Mike Schopp and The Bulldog

    click link to listen to audio

    Does anyone has a copy of Jauron on Sirius? I saw this thread too late to sign up for another trial account and catch it.
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    I'll see if I can find one, can't promise anything

    I found that it'll be replayed at midnight, which means DJ would be on at 1 am.
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    JP Losman on Shredd and Ragan 9/06
    JP Losman was in studio with Shredd & Ragan on 103.3 The Edge today. The interview was pretty casual but it was good to hear him not talk in the normal football player cliches. There's a good part where a caller asks if he thinks Edwards is ready to step in if JP struggles.

    click here to download audio
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    I think you guys are gonna have a huge, 11+ win season. There's just the right amount of talent for this to make absolutely no sense.
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    here's Chris Browns Game day tip sheet.
    Game Day Tipsheet: Week 1
    by Chris Brown, Lead Journalist Last Updated: 9/7/2007 2:59 PM ET

    Once again we'll be featuring our Game Day Tipsheet every Friday, which will include everything you'll want to know, some things you may not have known and probably a few things you didn't care to know, but find interesting anyway.

    Top 3 Individual Matchups
    1. Lee Evans vs. Champ Bailey - No other cornerback in the league has as many interceptions as Bailey the last two seasons (18) and entering the season no NFL receiver, other than Terrell Owens (17), has more touchdown receptions of 20 yards or more than Lee Evans (15) over the past three seasons. This is a matchup that's fitting of a marquee.

    2. Aaron Schobel vs. Matt Lepsis - The two Texas natives are both veteran performers with proven track records. Lepsis appears recovered from a torn ACL suffered last season in week 6, but you can bet Schobel will be testing it when he tries to get the edge on the left tackle in pass rushing situations.

    3. Donte Whitner vs. Daniel Graham - Graham is expected to be used as much more of a receiving weapon than he was in New England, and that responsibility falls to Whitner who while more athletically gifted than Graham will also have to muscle up with the physical tight end in passing situations.

    Bills Top 2 Advantages
    1. Good advantage - Kick return - Terrence McGee didn't put up touchdowns last year like he has in the past, but Buffalo still finished sixth in the league last year. Denver finished last season ranked 31st in kickoff coverage and improving a ranking like that doesn't happen overnight especially when one of your better coverage players retires and becomes a member of the coaching staff in Keith Burns.

    2. Best advantage - Spread formations - While Denver's top two corners make for arguably the best tandem in the league, the Broncos are thin behind nickel corner Domonique Foxworth. Fourth corner Karl Paymah suffered a concussion in the Broncos final preseason game and may not be able to play Sunday. If that's the case Denver may have to resort to using safeties to cover the likes of Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish when the Bills go four-wide. Have fun.

    Bills number one must
    An early lead - Jay Cutler has only started and played in two NFL road games. In both games an early lead was critical to the game's outcome. In his first career road start at San Diego last season the Chargers jumped on the Broncos early sprinting out to a 14-0 lead. With the game resting mainly on Cutler's shoulders Denver couldn't recover as the Chargers coasted to a 48-20 victory. Conversely, when Denver went to Arizona the next week Cutler hit Javon Walker for a 54-yard touchdown pass on the game's third play and rolled from there to a 37-20 win. Cutler finished with a passer rating over 100 for the game. An early lead may not necessarily make Cutler play poorly, but it might put more pressure on the guy, who already admitted he'll be nervous, to make a few more plays.

    Scouting Eye
    New defensive coordinator - Jim Bates is Denver's new defensive coordinator coming by way of Green Bay and Miami. His aggressive scheme is a bit of a change from what Denver previously ran and adjusting to the new system has involved some trial and error. Signs of that came in the preseason where the starting unit surrendered 44 points in about five quarters of play. The run defense also gave up 155 yards per game on the ground through the preseason. It was just preseason, but San Francisco, Cleveland and Arizona averaged 5.2, 5.1 and 4.6 yards per carry against Denver's run front.

    Weak link?: Denver defensive tackle Amon Gordon will be lining up next to veteran Sam Adams. Gordon has played in all of six NFL games and was on the Broncos practice squad last season. Gordon's inexperience should allow the Bills to double Adams inside and match up with Gordon one-on-one.

    No big plays: The Broncos have been very good about preventing the big play. During the preseason they did not allow a completion to cover more than 30 yards. Last season they didn't give up many long touchdowns allowing just two that covered 20 yards or more.

    Rushing machine - Despite the fact that Denver will be starting its seventh different opening game starter at running back in as many years in Travis Henry, no other team in the NFL has amassed as many rushing yards as the Broncos (27,174) since 1995 when Mike Shanahan took over as head coach.

    Instant Rice?: According to Denver head coach Mike Shanahan in all likelihood Simeon Rice will line up for 15-20 plays on Sunday after signing with the club on Tuesday. Rice is a good answer for the loss of Ebenezer Ekuban who went down with a season-ending Achilles injury. Only three players in NFL history have more double-digit sack seasons than Rice, Bruce Smith, Reggie White and Kevin Greene.

    Buffalo Chips
    Quote of the week: "We know we have a lot to show. We think we're going to show that this upcoming season and right now we're just waiting to show everybody how much better we've gotten. We think we have gotten better - from the coaches to the players, and right now we just want to put that performance on the field."

    Stat that stands out: Over the last nine games of 2006 the Bills ranked first in the NFL in big play touchdowns (20-plus yards) with 10.

    Milestones in reach: Aaron Schobel (60.5) needs 1.5 sacks Sunday to pass Phil Hansen (61.5) for second place on the Bills all-time sack list.

    Marshawn Lynch can become the first Bills rookie running back in franchise history to record a 100-yard rushing day on Kickoff Weekend.

    Final note: Lynch is the eighth rookie running back to start on Kickoff Weekend in team annals. The last rookie running back to start on Kickoff Weekend for Buffalo was Travis Henry in 2001.