Packers CB Al Harris Says Brett Favre's Legacy Wont Be Affected

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by -Scar-, Jun 25, 2009.

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    Packers cornerback Al Harris, who played in Green Bay with quarterback Brett Favre, appeared yesterday on Sirius NFL Radio to discuss Favre's apparent decision to play for the Vikings in 2009. And Harris thinks that, if (when) Favre plays in purple, he won't be hurting his legacy. "You know, if you're a true Green Bay Packer fan, you'll always love Brett Favre, wherever he plays," Harris told Adam Schein and Jim Miller of Sirius NFL Radio's The Sirius Blitz, in comments that were circulated to the media (and us) by the fine folks at Sirius. "You don't love him as a Packer, or as a Viking, or as a Bear, or as a Chief. The guy can flat-out play football. He's here 17, 18 years, never missed a game. That can't be tarnished. He'll never do anything off the field. That's the only thing that I think will tarnish his legacy, if he does something crazy off the field. But football-wise, in my mind, his legacy will never be tarnished." Harris also said that the current members of the Green Bay teams aren't talking much about Favre potentially returning to Lambeau Field in a different uniform. "I haven't thought about it," Harris said. "We're learning a new scheme so I'm really into the defense and what's going on. The media, they try to bring it up every now and then but really, we're just trying to win and get better as a team, as a unit. Everybody here loves Brett. Brett has to make decisions for him and his family - what's best for him and his family - so however that works out, I wish him the best of luck and I support him. But I'm here in Green Bay; Aaron [Rodgers] is our quarterback. We're just pushing forward."

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    Pretty well put by harris, i think...unfortunately I'm just sick of hearing about Favre
  3. Puggs

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    X2, and how is that in and of itself not destroying his Legacy??
  4. ollysj

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    tbh, of course I appreciate the things he did for the Packers, but he isn't in my Packers All-Time top 10.

    Yes Karen, you can hate me now :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Just to annoy RichLakeWh0a: YAWN, another topic about Brett Favre.

    Ok seriously now... I have mixed emotions on what Brett Favre is doing to his legacy in Green Bay. Granted he didn't begin his career in Green Bay, he'll always be known as a Green Bay Packer. It just felt weird seeing him wearing another teams uniform last season even though he was forced to. It will be interesting when the Vikings come to Lambeau Field on November 1st and if Brett Favre is their QB.
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    I think his legacy. Would be fine if he doesn't go play for a rival. That is the end of the good feelings GB has for farve. Just look what happened to Damon in Boston after he signed with the Yanks.
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    Ahh, I could never hate you Olly! You are entitled to your opinion, and we all know how you feel about Favre. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I think its already affected everytime someone thinks of favre there going to think of a guy that dident know when to quit.
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    Who is to say its his time to quit? Let him play if he wants to...even if he comes back for a diff team each yr...Besides, we wouldnt be having this unretirement bs AGAIN if he'd been able to go to minnesota (or kept in gb) in the first place..thats where he wanted to be...but was pretty much forced to go to the jets.. he went to NY so he could be released by them and be free to go to MN. We ALL KNOW IT..
  10. dolphindude13

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    Wow, thats a bold statement......I can see a few but not in your top 10.....thats crazy.....who would your top 10 be?

    I could see
    Bart Starr
    Paul Hornung
    Jim Taylor
    Reggie White
    Ray Nitschke
    but damned if I can see how Brett wouldnt be top 10.
  11. mmehring

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    I would say that too.. top 5 id say... even robert brooks should be on this list, not to mention don magic man...
  12. ollysj

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    Curly Lambeau (even if he had an ugly divorce with the Pack)
    Max McGee
    LeRoy Butler
    Chris Jacke
    The Majik Man
    The Gravedigger

    That's 12. Maybe here comes Favre, next to Freeman, Sharpe and Brooks

    It's not all about success, but personality...
  13. Evasfunk

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    Anyone thinking this could tarnish his "legacy" is just plain silly. The fact that he has played 18 years in this league without missing a game and STILL has the desire and passion to play is incredible not to mention it really isn't his fault for how much the media puts into this, so don't blame him blame the media. We all know that he has a better shot at taking the Vikings deep into the post season than Sage or Tavaris, so its really a win-win...he would still love to play football and the Vikings could really use him.
  14. ball in the baskett

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    Retiring and unretiring twice is gonna be what people remember.If he goes to minny and plays bad like last year hes definitely gonna be known as the guy that dident know when to quit.
  15. dolphindude13

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    I forgot about Mcgee, but honestly as a Packer fan how in the world could any of the rest of them be in front of Favre? Chris Jacke???? Are you kidding me....wasnt he a freaking kicker for Gods sake?

    As far as success vs personality......I'm NOT a Packer fan and personality was the MAIN reason I loved Favre. The guy was always fun to watch, probably because he was actually having fun. He was always cool to listen to in press conferences, so I'm not sure where the dig on that comes from...

    Oh and did I mention he's probably top 10 in QB's of All Time?
  16. hermhater

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    No tarnish on his legacy.

    He just wants to play the game.

    It's a hard thing to give up.
  17. dolphindude13

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    I dont remember Joe Montana getting bashed for wearing a Chiefs jersey, or Thurman Thomas for wearing a Fins jersey....Emmit wearing a Cardinal jersey....the list is endless.
  18. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    And that for I must have him on my personal top 10???? Favres great personality, I saw it over the last years. Especially during the off-season...

    Jacke (yeah, that freaking K) won a lot games for the Packers, with last second FGs
    Butler was the greates S we ever had on the roster and invented the Lambeau Leap
  19. cpgobrowns

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    Players don't think it will tarnish his legacy because they think about the game differently than fans do. Ultimately fans and the media determine his legacy. I have to say when I think about him right now, this is his legacy. He's making it harder and harder to remember the football player that was fun to watch. The question is will that change in 10 years?
  20. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    Maybe if he's retired then... :icon_wink: