Packers CB Al Harris Says Brett Favre's Legacy Wont Be Affected

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by -Scar-, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. dolphindude13

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    Doesnt matter Olly, I'm just trying to understand how a Packer fan cant love Favre after all the time he spent there. If you're going to let the off-season of the last few years effect your opinion of him then thats sad imo. The Packs front office had a hell of a lot to do with that fiasco.

    Jacke won a lot of games? Ok, did he win half of what Favre did? Did he win a SB for you? And I know who Butler was.....inventing the Lambeau Leap overshadows a 16 year career of 1 of the best QB's of all
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    dd, read my 1st post in this thread
    As I said, Butler is the greatest S we ever had, what is more important to me than the Lambeau Leap

    btw. Favre didn't win the SB for us, he was part (a huge one, I admitt) of a team. I'm not sure if the Pack had won the SB w/o Howards superior performance or the D, who stepped up after the Patriots came back into the game.

    But if you want to give the success only to Favre, let's go ahead and blame him for 4th and 26 or the playoffs loss to the Giants in the 2007 season. That's stupid? Yes it is, bc football is a team sport.

    Favre did his show, before this management was in charge. At one point, he thought he is bigger than life - that's when he started to drop at my ranking.

    I didn't have a problem, players continue to play for other teams, (White did, Levens did aand many others too) but this soap opera Favre plays, is just annoying.
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    I agree a 100% that it's annoying. I also didnt mean to imply that Favre won the SB all by himself, but as you said he was a HUGE part of it. I know the situations are a little different but Marino didnt leave on very good terms either.....but I wouldn't ever let that overshadow what he did for the organization. Just sayin.....
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    But you would think less of him if Marino came back to play for the Jets. I would even understanding the desire to still play. If Farv-rah plays for the Vikings it would put a sour taste in alot of mouths, even more if he only came back to stick it to his former team twice a year.
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    No I wouldnt have.....not the way Jimmy Johnson basically ran him out of town. Dan knew it was the beginning of the end and was ready to hang em up is the difference.
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    If Dan had left on his terms like Farve, then he came back to play for the Jets just to stick it to the Dolphins because the Dolphins were trying to move on and build on with new QB, it would look bad to his legacy. Becuase that is what it seems Farve is doing.
  7. dolphindude13

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    Imo the Pack front office very similarly ran Brett off......I understand the waiting game was getting old to them and can't say I really blame them but a lot of this is their fault to.
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    Yea but he said I Quit, he was told to wait to make a decision and he didn't. He wanted to be welcomed back with open arms, and he was a few times before. Granted the FO should have done something with him sooner, but the team was trying to move on with Rodgers. But the idea he wants to come back just to stick it to the Packers twice a year would be like a slap to the face IMO.
  9. ollysj

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    Sure, TT isn't complete innocent, but after the last offseasons it was time to move on with Rodgers. The FO has to run a football team, no a circus...
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    But I don't remember hearing about offseason long drama about those players either.
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    Favre has already tarnished his legacy!! The stunts he has pulled over the last two years are ridiculous! He has turned into a media drama queen and if he wanted to keep playing he should have thought about that before he said "I am Retiring", all of his shenanigans have tarnished his legacy!! He was a great player, but he just doesn't know when to quit and unfortunately there are still teams out there that could use him for a year or two maybe instead of looking to the future and trying to build a long lasting team!