Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Pleased With New 3-4 Defense

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    After watching their defense fritter away too many leads last season, the Green Bay Packers now are knee-deep in a major transition. With new defensive coordinator Dom Capers come new coaches -- and, most significantly, a new 3-4 scheme. Packers coach Mike McCarthy is pleased with the progress Capers and his coaches are making. "I feel very good about what we have accomplished to this point," McCarthy said. "Defensively, Dom has been able to get his whole package in, which is very refreshing. I think it's a compliment to both the coaches and players. If they did not spend the extra one-on-one time in April, we would not be in this position today."

    Source: Associated Press,
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    I hope I'll be pleased with it when the season starts....
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    Me too. I hope they go back to what they were when they won the superbowl..that defense was amazing.
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    White, Butler, Newsome, Robinson, Evans, Gilbert brown.... - I can't see players at this level on our current roster

    I hope I'm wrong.... :icon_neutral: