Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy: Aaron Rodgers OK At Packers Practice

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    Breathe easy, Green Bay.

    Packers coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that quarterback Aaron Rodgers was back at practice on Thursday for the first time all week, per the team's official website.

    "Aaron practiced in the team periods. He looked good," McCarthy said ahead of Sunday's NFC Divisional Round bout with the Cowboys. "He went down and did everything we asked him to do today. It's always a better practice when he's out."

    McCarthy said Rodgers took 50 to 60 percent of the snaps after sitting out Wednesday's session for treatment on the calf he first injured in a Week 16 win over the Bucs.

    Rodgers himself sounded like a player who didn't plan on missing the Dallas tilt, telling reporters this week, "I'm going on Sunday, just a matter of how."

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    ESPN is reporting that he has a slight tear in his calf muscle.
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    That's been reported for a while now.
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    I thought it was reported as a strain, not a tear.
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    I heard strain with a minor tear. I think they were saying that the strain was more of an issue than the tear. I think they called it a significant strain and a slight tear?
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    A strain is a tear. It's the degree of strain that's the issue.
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    You're a strain
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