Packers LB Nick Barnett Itching To Return To The Field

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    Held out of the first 16 days of training camp by Green Bay Packers coaches and medical staff, linebacker Nick Barnett figures precaution will remain the norm as the team prepares for its third exhibition game. Barnett told a group of reporters that he was hopeful he would be able to play against Arizona on Friday night, but later when interviewed alone admitted that it was probably a pipe dream. Despite being cleared for full contact this week, it appears that all he'll get is three days of practice. "I won't be out there, let's face facts," Barnett said. "I'm just being real. I won't be out there because I think for them, the thinking is, this is my first week out there, and to throw me into a preseason game. ...I don't know what their thinking is. I know the probability of playing in this one is slim. ...I'm playing Tennessee, regardless of who's in, I'll play with the 2s and whoever else. I'd like to get in some contact before the season starts."

    Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel