Packers' Prove It Deals: Defense

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    B.J. Raji B.J. Raji was once the greatest thing since sliced bread in Green Bay. He was the NFC Championship hero with a pick-six in Chicago. His famous “booty shake” earned a cameo in A-Rod’s discount double-check commercial. And just four years later, B.J. Raji was this close to being cut. Raji tested the free […]

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    I think part of Raji's problem is that 34's in general seem to be moving away from the traditional fat guy on the nose, trending more towards towards a leaner attacking hybrid DE/DT type where all 3 guys on the line can interchange to some degree instead of being role-specific, and guys like Raji are being phased out or minimalised. Not to say that type doesnt have a role anymore, but IMO this is another indication that their role is being devalued at least.

    Neal is a guy I've had an eye on, I'd like to see him do well. All the tools are there, just has to stay healthy and get his head so many other players.
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    Ideally you have a Donatri Poe. A "fat" guy who is unmovable on 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 1, but is quick enough to penetrate gaps and collapse the pocket on passing downs. Raji has that type of ability, he is a very good athlete for his size, but he has to dedicate himself more to conditioning. Poe probobly has very little fat on his 340-350 pound frame.
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