Packers Sign Julius Peppers to Three Year Deal

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by mnmilano, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. mnmilano

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    Patient Green Bay fans have been rewarded. According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, the Packers sign Julius Peppers to a three-year deal. Terms of the deal were just announced by Anderson via Peppers’ agent. Filed to ESPN: Agent Carl Carey adds Julius Peppers’ 3-year deal to Green Bay is “for $30M max, $7.5M guaranteed & $8.5M […]

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  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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  3. ragman

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    I'm surprised that GB did a three-year deal. IMO, they'll be sorry they did that.
  4. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I won't be stunned IF the Packers cut Peppers after 1 year
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  5. mnmilano

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    I don't think they'll cut him if he plays well, but they set themselves up to release Peppers if necessary. No guaranteed money in the contract beyond this season.
  6. Walnuts

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    I think they will most certainly cut him if he plays well, dont be ridiculous.
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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    The Packers strike me as a team that wants to build their team by getting younger. I actually think this is a good signing for the Packers though.
  8. Tarkus

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    Wouldn't be surprised to see Pep revitalized & giving us nightmares next year...
  9. Jihad Joe

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    IMO Peppers may be too old to hold up as a 5 Tech
  10. Walnuts

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    Picked the Pack a Pickled Peppers?
  11. LebaneseFF

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    he could be a threat for a year or so. But 3 years seems excessive