Panthers C Ryan Kalil Promises To Win Super Bowl This Season

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by Sweets, Jul 25, 2012.

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    The Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl center purchased an ad in the Charlotte Observer and in it he predicts the club will win the Super Bowl this season in New Orleans. Kalil wrote an open letter to fans thanking them for their “unwavering support†and promising they would be rewarded this season with a “one hundred-percent, sterling silver victory. The Lombardi Trophy.†Kalil didn’t notify anyone with the club first about his plans, he told Joe Person of the Observer, because he didn’t want anyone to try to dissuade him from the move. “Every team says it every year, whether it’s publicly or not,†Kalil said. “They say they’re going to win the Super Bowl. “We’ve said it in the past in meeting rooms and behind closed doors. This year’s different. There’s a sense of urgency, a winning attitude that I haven’t seen before. And it’s in the way we prepare. It’s in the way we approach each work day, and I think fans will see it in the way that we play.†It is an exciting time for the club as it enters its second season with Ron Rivera as coach, he instilled a fresh attitude last season and quarterback Cam Newton proved to be a dynamic performer from the outset. There are some building blocks in place, there is no question about that. “There’s something different going on with the Panthers. There’s a different attitude, a sense of urgency, a different mindset that I haven’t seen since I’ve been here,†Kalil said. “And the sentiment is widespread. It’s not just in the players or the coaches. But the entire organization.â€

    Source: National Football Post
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  2. K Train

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    must be that time of year
  3. mtzninersfan

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    I guarantee the Baltimore colts will win the Superbowl!!!!
  4. 86WARD

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    Did he take out a full page ad in the paper for this?!?
  5. Sweets

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  6. y2kbug

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    I swear football players simply have too much free time on their hands to do stupid things
  7. Dragonite

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    Making a promise to your fans to win a championship...uninformed. Taking out a full page ad too do it...thats just plain stupid.
  8. Mike

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    believing in cam newton

    there goes your creditibility
  9. DontKnowMe

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    Probably won't even win the division.
  10. Dragonite

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    Most def. won't win the division.
  11. K Train

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    could probably win the division, the NFC south makes it so easy to go from worst to first.

    And i didnt know he took out a full page ad, im almost inclined to believe him now
  12. 86WARD

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    I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if the Panthers won that division...
  13. Dragonite

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    Please god tell me your not serious.
  14. TheDuke

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    Dear Ryan,

    Thank you for putting an ad in the paper saying you'll win the Super Bowl in Carolina. Now people won't talk about the dumb crap I say.

    Yours with love,

    Michael Vick.
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    Nothing new to see here. Always a couple idiots that do it every year.

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  16. Buck Fenson

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    Personally I like it. He had the nuts to say it. And it isn't like the dream team crap or Vick's comment. In Vick's case, you have to win at least one Super Bowl in order to be a dynasty. I hate to say this but the Panthers do have some talent. In theory, they can win it. I don't see much 0f a big deal about this. You ordinarily don't hear offensive linemen say stuff like that. And I think he did it more for the fans to get fired up for the season than really meaning it. After years of sucking, and I know all about that, I guess he thought the fans need something to look forward to. Not going to happen but good for him.
  17. TheSnowman

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  18. smeags

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    what duke said.
  19. 86WARD

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    Wouldn't be surprised at all. Saints are going through some issues...who knows how they will react to it, the Bucs and Falcons aren't anything to write home about. Right now that division is wide open IMO.
  20. Dragonite

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    I suppose your right but the Saints D sucks anyways and our offense is going to be what it always was, I think Saints win the division easy.