Panthers HC Ron Rivera Wants Rookie QB Cam Newton To Take Fewer Hits

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    Rookie quarterback Cam Newton has been the Panthers' main short-yardage weapon. Last week in a loss to New Orleans, Newton was the trigger-man in an option package that produced a first-down run for Newton and a 69-yard touchdown run by DeAngelo Williams. And although Ron Rivera says the 6-5, 248-pound Newton can take a hit, the Panthers' first-year coach would like Newton to take fewer of them. "We'd obviously much rather he pitch the ball (on the option) than turn it up inside and take shots. But he's a big body. He absorbs the hits very well," Rivera said Wednesday. "But we don't want to expose him that often." Newton is averaging eight carries a game, although many have been scrambles. "I think right now he's averaging about 6, 7 runs," Rivera said. "We'd probably like to whittle that down as the season goes, rely on our backs who have really come a long way in the development of our running game."

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    No crap. Insert every coaches name and his corresponding QBs and boom. Story.
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    hope he doesn't listen and continues to run.