Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Doesn't Want QB Cam Newton "Tatted" Up

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by Sweets, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cameron Newton doesn't have any any tattoos or piercings, and owner Jerry Richardson told him to "keep it that way" during a pre-draft meeting the two had in April. Richardson shared the story of their meeting on PBS's Charlie Rose as a guest with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Here are some of the snippets from the conversation, via Pro Football Talk: Richardson, who said that Newton “was dressed perfectly†for their meeting, was blunt. “I said, ‘Do you have any tattoos?’†Richardson told Rose. “He said, ‘No, sir. I don’t have any.’ I said, ‘Do you have any piercings?’ He said, ‘No, sir. I don’t have any.’ I said, ‘We want to keep it that way.’ . . . . “We want to keep no tattoos, no piercings, and I think you’ve got a very nice haircut.†Interjected the host: “You sound like a Lombardi.†Said Richardson, “No, I just sound reasonable to me.†That conversation got Mike Florio of PFT thinking, and he opined that Richardson was being "more than a little heavy-handed" in his approach to the situation.

    Source: BleacherReport
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  2. cKlass

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    I guess he's been paying too much attention to the Yankees. I would get a tattoo just to spite that old pr**k. That's just me though. I don't take kindly to people telling me what I can and cannot do in my personal life or time.
  3. y2kbug

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    He did not say he couldn't have a grill!!!! Oh crap loophole!!

  4. Crowned

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    This is freaking stupid imo
  5. ball in the baskett

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    lol white man keepin them down
  6. Steve12

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    Charles Barkley said on ESPN Chicago this morning that it was because white people are more comfortable around black people that don't have tattoos and dreads. lol.
  7. nwade06

    nwade06 Lions in the Super Bowl!

    If you are a grown man than you can get whatever the heck you wanna get....just plain stupidness
  8. AtlantaBlazer

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    One of my good friends is dark skinned has long dreads and a few tattoos, a lot of people are scared of him because he looks like a "big, scary black man". Dude is much nicer and smarter than I am, but people are more willing to come speak to me when the two of us are together because I'm the short light skinned black guy with a clean haircut.

  9. bigsexyy81

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    Haven't seen this bad boy in awhile...

  10. Steve12

    Steve12 The night is dark and full of terrors

    Oh and Charles also said it's not racist, it's racial. So... right.
  11. Omen

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    Im kinda iffy on this ... I understand what he/jerry probably means and it has nothing to do with race. As a business owner I have the right to ask my employees to dress a certain way bc they are representing me and my company.

    As a grown man he can do what he wants but to think there aren't repercussions is idiotic .

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  12. themush

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    Silly Jerry Richardson.... Newton went to Auburn not Ohio State. But I can see how the two could be confused.

    Get cha crap together Sir.
  13. Steve12

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    Exactly what I was thinking. My boss tell me to get a hair cut when I hair gets too long. They have a right to have their business represented how they want it. Its just tough because Newton also has the right to do what he wants to his body. There's really no right or wrong side here.
  14. ragman

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    It's Richardson's team.
  15. If you were so worried about Newton's image should've taken Blaine Gabbert.
  16. AtlantaBlazer

    AtlantaBlazer Knuckles The Echidna's Brother

    IF team image was a problem, he would have said this to EVERYONE.

    Jimmy Clausen was NOT asked this last year, if you truly want to make this a team thing, you tell the WHOLE TEAM
  17. ball in the baskett

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    steve smith would probably punch him lol
  18. Steve12

    Steve12 The night is dark and full of terrors

    Yea I dare him to tell Jeremy Shockey he cant get a tattoo.
  19. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    meh...basically telling him not to "heck up" his life...the only way Richardson
  20. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Can he still have s*x with white girls?