Panthers QB Cam Newton Says Teammates Need To Be At 'My Level'

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by SRW, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. 86WARD

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    Kinda helped they had a rushing game other than Newton. But yeah...they played well. They're only a couple parts away from contending. Problem is that division is gonna be strong if the Bucs and Falcons get their heads outta their respective asses.
  2. smeags

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    i still come back to the same point - today's faggy NFL makes it too freaking easy for new QB's to come in and be instantly succesful.

    none of these new qb's would sniff a good year 25yrs ago.
  3. markaz

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    :agreed: You also wouldn't have 4 QB's on pace to throw for 5,000+ yards in a season. Absolutely unreal what the NFL has done to pussify the game. I'm just waiting for the QB's to wear flags.
  4. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    yeah i was all for the early changes that stopped db's from flat out stopping wr's from running their routes but it has been taken way too far with all the other rules. plus like you said you cant even fart within ten yards of the qb.
  5. CaptainStubing

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    that's probably the next step ............ every game will be like the pro bowl :doh:
  6. myCoch

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    The best evidence that this is a QB driven league today is to look at the career passer rating rankings. Seven of the top ten are currently still active. Joe Montana is number TEN!

    And I agree the rushing TD stat is being padded. A lot of QB's over the years could have broken that mark if they wanted to.
  7. Buck Fenson

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    I hate the way football has "evolved" lately. The offense already has the advantage cause they know where they are going. Why field a defense if they can only lightly tackle the receiver after they catch the ball or spread out a blanket and gently lay the quarterback down and tuck him in and a kiss goodnight. The money really ruined the game. Instead of people who want to play football you get people who can run fast that plays the game. Db's back in the day could actually hit receivers and make them catch the ball. Then you used to be able to build a team that had a good offense and a good defense. Now you have to chose which side you want to build up. I like watching the game but I am one who really likes a good defense rather than a good offense. Sounds hypocritical I know but I grew up on the Dome Patrol so this offense is rather surprising. But with the rules the way they are you have to have a good offense to win games. Once in a while you can win a Super Bowl with a good defense and average offense like the Ravens did. I mean look at the Steelers back in the 70's with Bradshaw. He had great numbers with like 250 yards passing.
  8. Jihad Joe

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    Pretty soon it will be illegal to break up a pass, or even impede the receiver from catching the ball
  9. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    or even tackling them. Look I don't mean bone crunching paraplegic type hits but you, as a defender, have to separate the ball from the receiver. Other wise put flags on them. Seriously. I get that protecting the players and stuff. But this is football. People know what is involved and they make the choice to play. So, to make it even, I feel the offense should be required to yell out the play they are running to give the defense a chance. Also I feel that if a receiver or quarterback or whoever lowers his head when being gently tackled be suspended also.
  10. markaz

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    Completely agree. Terry Bradshaw averaged 56-60% completion percentage during the glory years. Those numbers would only guarantee a spot on the pine today.
    The evolution you speak of brings serious questions to mind if the Packers run the table. Is a 19-0 team the greatest of all time? A 31st ranked defense would have possibly missed the playoffs '75-'79. Just a guess on my part, but unless you have an elite QB now, you have no shot at winning the SuperBowl.
  11. myCoch

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    31st in yards, but that deceiving because the D is always playing with a lead and can take chances. That's why they lead the league in turnovers created. Or are at least near the top.