Panthers QB Hunter Cantwell Entrenched As The Backup

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    beyond Matt Moore, the Panthers have more young talent at the position than perhaps at any point in franchise history. Draft pick Jimmy Clausen still needs time to develop but has plenty of tools, and Tony Pike has the kind of intangibles they love. But second-stringer (and that's not a courtesy title) Hunter Cantwell has been able to grow in the shade, and whether you've heard of him or not, has earned the trust of his coaches and teammates. Cantwell has the best arm of the four, and while he could use a little more time, he's closer than most would believe.

    Source: Charlotte Observer
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    i'm sure the panthers are hoping for a situation where they can find 'their' guy for their system and then possibly trade one of their other qb's they don't need and get a decent draft pick in return (similar to the matt schaub/matt cassel situations).
  3. Cantwell certainly didn't lack talent at Louisville. He just couldn't put it together in his only season as the starter in 2008 after backing up Brian Brohm for three seasons prior.

    Cantwell has the prototypical size and arm strength teams look for in a franchise signal caller. He just needs to work on his accuracy and fine tune his game.
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