Pat Shurmur Hasn't Spoken To Jimmy Haslam, Joe Banner 'In Quite Some Time'

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    Pat Shurmur, who's expected to be fired by Monday along with Browns General Manager Tom Heckert, said after the 24-10 loss to the Steelers that he hasn't heard anything in a while from the team's new leadership.

    "I have not spoken to (CEO) Joe Banner or (owner) Jimmy Haslam in quite some time,'' said Shurmur, 9-23 in his two seasons. "So no (I haven't heard about their decision). I saw them before the game, but not close enough to speak.''

    When pressed further about his future, Shurmur said, "I don't know. I haven't spoken with Jimmy or Joe.'' Then he added sarcastically, "You need to call your league sources.''

    The Browns are expected to interview such big-name college coaches as Oregon's Chip Kelly and Penn State's Bill O'Brien. NFL offensive coordinators Greg Roman of the 49ers and Josh McDaniels of the Patriots are also expected to be on the radar.

    As far as not talking to Haslam and Banner, he said, "I'm not reading into anything. During the week, we all have different jobs we need to do and they take us different places, so there just hasn't been a lot of interaction in the last few weeks.''

    Asked if he was anxious to find out what happens, he said, "No, I'm not. I'm looking forward to coaching this team next year if that's the case. If not, then what I'm going to do is help coach and help inspire a team to win games in some role. I have kids in college, I have mouths to feed, and this is my profession, and this is what I choose to do. That's it. That's how simple it is in my mind.''

    Regarding his time in Cleveland, he said, "that's a 'what if' question and I'm not going to answer that,'' said Shurmur. "That's a question for after if there is an after.''

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer