Patrick Peterson Would Take Gold Jacket Over Ring

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by markaz, Jan 29, 2015.

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    So I'm driving home listening to sports talk radio and Peterson's being interviewed. The question to him was "During your career if you had to choose between a Super Bowl or the HOF gold jacket, which one would you choose?" Peterson's response? A gold jacket.

    That response says volumes about the guy. He's over-rated, over-paid and now it seems he's all about ME. Richard Sherman was probably more right than wrong when he told the media last week that Peterson would probably get benched for giving up the number of TD's he does if he played for Seattle. From the PR point of view all I can say is “Way to go, Patrick. You’re far from being a fan favorite now.”
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    Pretty much the pure definition of the "me attitude."
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    Is it really so outrageous? There's lots of nobody schmucks with rings, that gold jacket signifies you as being the elite of the elite for life. I doubt there's many in the hall who would trade that jacket for a ring (that don't have one already). Would you rather be recognized 20 years later as that one dude that played on a Super Bowl team once, or have a lifetime bust in Canton and be talked about as part of NFL lore for generations to come?
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    In so many words @Walnuts that's what Peterson said. Is that outrageous? Absolutely. Football's a team sport and by him declaring he'd rather have the personal distinction over team success then f--k him. Let him get his gold jacket after his so-called superior talents have helped whoever he's playing for win a Super Bowl.
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    *rolls eyes and pantomimes jerking off*
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    Here's one for ya to use in the future, even his face has that "Oh yeah, right!" look on it.