Patriots CB Leigh Bodden Tells Saints To 'Bring It On'

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by SRW, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Patriots CB Leigh Bodden said his team is confidently approaching its visit next Monday with the 10-0 New Orleans Saints. "It has to be, 'Bring it on,' " Bodden told reporters today (via the Boston Herald) about how the Patriots will gear up for their visit to the bayou. The Patriots failed to stop the Colts' heretofore undefeated run in Week 10, but have a chance to end the Saints' pursuit of their 16-0 regular-season record achieved in 2007. "You have to put your best foot forward when you play a team like that," Bodden said. They're undefeated. We're a good team. They're a good team. We just have to bring our 'A' game ... I think we will. It's going to be prime time. A lot of guys play good in prime time. It should be fun."

    Source: USA Today
  2. hermhater

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    I have a feeling the Saints will bring it.
  3. 86WARD

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    Can't wait to see this game. Possible Super Bowl Preview...
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    Locker room jargon is gay.
  5. pctrips

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    Bodden is feeling good about himself because he was the benefactor of a horrible pass by Sancez which he ran back for a TD. Brees won't make throws like that Leigh.

    TOP DAWG Pro Bowler

    Try 3 picks by Bodden in that game. He should be on a after game high. He's telling it like it is, they are bringing it all, and Saints don't want to lose either. This should be one kickass game. I'm pumped.
  7. pctrips

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    Well he did have a great game, I just saw the gift he got on the highlights. Regardless, there's a big, big difference between Drew Brees and Mark Sanchez. Should be a fantastic game.
  8. CaptainStubing

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    just don't make any stupid predictions about your team being 2 td's better than an undefeated opponent................... :icon_smile:

    yes, bodden, as HH said, i have a feeling the saints are going to 'bring it'.
  9. Crowned

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    He's not talking crap....
  10. TOP DAWG

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    Till the second 1/2 collapse I thought I was too conservative:icon_cheesygrin: I still think the Colts are over rated. By Playoffs we will be much better, and they will be the same. Now as far as the Saints, early in the year they were awesome, we stunk. Now we are looking good, and they are getting by a St. Louis by 5. If they don't get to Brady with a sustained rush, he will tear up their weak secondary. However, I don't see us shutting down Brees and company, especially at their house. Our game 31-28.
  11. Crowned

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    The Saints have showed up for big games before TOPDAWG (Eagles, without McNabb mind you, and Giants). I hope to god you guys win, I'm sick of being in Louisiana with all these Saints bandwagon fans, and I got some cash on this game.
  12. TOP DAWG

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    Look at the early games vs the latest games. They've had a lot of injuries since the Eagles-Giants games early in the year. Not counting Tampa, who we also destroyed, they beat the Dolphins by 12, Atlanta by 8, Carolina by 10, and St. Louis by only 5. They are more beatable now vs early in the year. Right now I feel we are as good as any team in the NFL, and barring key injuries we will be better come Play Offs. This is one of those games I'm glad we have on our schedule, like the Colts game. You need these games to judge where you are in relation to the top teams. Playing cupcakes doesn't give you a clue as to the true weakness/strength of your team.
  13. Crowned

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    I hope your right TD, I've never rooted for Patriots as much as I will be Monday Night, you'd be proud.
  14. TOP DAWG

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    :icon_cheesygrin: Man, you do hate the Saints.
  15. Saintsfan1972

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    shreveport/bossier is cowgirl territory......heck em :icon_evil:
  16. cover the spread

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    he wasn't talking crap. the media always tries to make a story out of players' comments when usually its just nothing
  17. Saintsfan1972

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    i wouldn't quite call a secondary that leads the nfl in ints 'weak'.....but spot on about the sustained rush. brady with anything more than 3 or 3 1/2 seconds is money
  18. Crowned

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    My point exactly, and it always seemed that way up until this season.
  19. bigsexyy81

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    He's thrown 9 picks on the year. And has had multiple pick games. Not unheard of for Brees to have a bad game.
  20. pctrips

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    It's not unheard of for any player to have a bad game. My point is there's a world of difference between Sanchez and Brees.