Patriots CB Leigh Bodden Tells Saints To 'Bring It On'

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by SRW, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Hard to predict how this game will go. This whole season has been hard to grasp for Saints fans. I keep expecting to wake up. This is the game that the Saints can most afford to lose because it is an out of conference opponent. I don't think the Saints care that much about going undefeated, but I think they do care about staying in front of the Vikings for home field advantage. The Vikings are also playing very well, and they are pushing the Saints.

    The challenge if playing the Patriots in front of a national audience I think is also motivating the Saints. It wouldn't take much Patriot smack to fire the Saints up. I don't think Bodden is talking smack though. It is a big game and he's not afraid to play it. He shouldn't be. Nothing wrong with what he said.

    Another factor is that the Saints defense is starting to get heathy again. Sharper came back last week. Greer & Ellis are expected to be back this week. This will be an interesting game.
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    I read some of the comments on the Saints board, and some guys were saying the game didn't mean that much if they lost. Huh? Besides being tied with the Vikes for home field in the Playoffs if they lose, this game is freaken huge to justify their whole program. They haven't played any of the top teams in the AFC, and this game could be a preview to a match up in the Super Bowl. I know we take each game as they come, and losing isn't an acceptable option. The Pats will be bringing it all on this one to make a statement. Nothing Bodden said is trash talking or bulletin board material.
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    Sorry Pats, you're just not that important. :laughy21:

    Seriously though, staying in front of the Vikings is what it's all about right now. We've got to take care of the NFC. If we get that far, then we'll worry about the AFC.
    Go Saints Go!
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    Can't wait to see this game. And yes, I'm a Patriots fan this weekend. Looking forward to an exciting Monday night game!
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    lol...this article is even funnier now