Patriots LB Bruschi Feeling Stronger Without Cast

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    Source: Mike Reiss, Boston Globe

    Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi still plans to bear down this season; he's just thankful he doesn't need a reminder attached to his right wrist. Last year, after missing most of training camp because of surgery on the scaphoid bone in his wrist, Bruschi wore a cast that included the words "Bear Down." It was a shout out to his alma mater, the University of Arizona, and also was meant to pull him through a difficult time in which he was adjusting to life in the middle of the defense without the full use of his right hand. Fast-forward to yesterday, as Bruschi stood behind an interview podium at Gillette Stadium, clenching his right fist as he spoke about how 2007 training camp has been a pleasant change from last year.
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