Patriots LB Bruschi fired up after win vs. Chargers

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    Source: John Tomase, Boston Herald

    Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi was as emotional as he's ever been after tonight's victory, and he had a word for all the teams ex-foes coming out of the woodwork to question prior victories.

    "Hey, I got something to say to all the players in the league who wanted to comment on this," Bruschi said. "If you're on past teams . . . I saw some of the players, and what they were saying. If you're on past teams, and you got doubts (about us), if you got all these hypotheticals, well, I've got a hypothetical for you. Let's get all the players that played with us and bring them back here. And let's get all the players that you had on your teams and bring them back here. And let's play again. We would win again. Period."

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    They all are pissed off as a group because of the comments on the cheating.If they maintain that thru the season,they are going to be hard to beat.
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    Jesus Bruschi

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    Next week your team is next.I'm looking forward to it.
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    rofl it's gonna be ugly. i could see that pats putting up 50.
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    the better team won sunday... plain & simple.

    Chargers still have issues at the WR department which was exploited. Chargers still have issues at the DB department as well which was also exploited. Great game plain in the first QTR jumping out to a 14 to nothing lead. Chargers will continue to win big against teams that are infurior and lose good one's until they fix the problems above.